RAM not being detected by windows, yet is by cpuz

Hey guys, some help required, and im stuck.

so put in 3 new sticks of kingston ddr3 1.5v 1600 mhz 2 gb dimms into x58 based system with 6 gig in 2x3 1600 mhz dimms and its not recognising the new ram sticks, but windows is also reporting that i only have 2 gig of memory, yet cpuz is reporting that there is 12 gigabytes installed.

cpu z is also reporting that ramm is also running in single channel, rather than triple

motherboard is asus p6t pro ws x58 and cpu is a core i7 920 currently running at stock.

i have some 4 gig dimms in another pc if that would help.

all help welcome



Are you running 32bit Windows?

What does Memtest86+ say?

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64 bit windows pro, i shall run memtest after iron fist


try matching your memory sticks

Hz/timing wise

thats your problem. They are different sticks.

dont make original sticks anymore, but will try manually setting timings


their sizes should also be the same. (just as a note)

aye, all are 2 gig dimms @ 1600 mhz ddr 3

once you get timings the same, try different slots. Sometimes it'll work.

sometimes problems may be deeper, while timings are the same and clock is the same; steps are different.

Use the msconfig command to manually set the max value.

hi there, quick update is that i had some kingston hyper x ram in another build, so took those and replaced the original ram i had on the core i 7 920 and booted up fine, alhough xmp 2133 refused to boot, 1600mhz xmp works fine tho. ( the max oc ram supported on my x58 is 2000mhz) I also removed all the original ram and tried new sticks that a bought but the x58 mobo did not want to boot with those dimms in, so will try them on a different pc and update thread as to results,

also any thoughts why original ram would not boot after cmos was cleared but hyper x does would be welcome