Ram Kit question / Problem

Hey everyone,

I am looking to upgrade my rendering machine with some more ram. When I built it, I skimped a a little and only installed 32Gb (4x8Gb). I am looking to upgrade, but the ram kit i need seems to be sold out on newegg.ca.

This is the kit I have : I have this kit already

Now, I found these Dimms: 4 of these sticks??

The model numbers are different, I know that. But, are they that different? By the looks of things, they have the same specifications. Can buy 4 sticks and have it work? I dont know enough about the model numbers Crucial uses to make a decision.

I have a Asus Z10PE-D8 mobo with Intel E5-2620V3 X2. Thanks!

If the timings, voltages and frequancy is the same.
Then you basicly should be fine.

That is what I was thinking, But I wanted a second opinion. I think I will pull the trigger and see what happens. Thanks

They are both RDIMM, so it shouldn't be any problems.

Thanks, I have my fingers crossed. We will see soon, the ram should be delivered this week sometime.

Close the thread. The shit worked. Thanks everyone.

Nice to know.
Then i will close the topic.