Ram Issues

Just built my new PC (nerdgasm). Anyway here are the specs

Corsair Carbide Series 300R Case (a lot of room for a mid tower case, greeat airflow, and it is only $79.99)

Thermaltake Smart M750W (reused from my old build, but is fairly new, purchased back in December)

Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0

AMD FX 8350 4.0GHz

Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 1866MHz (although it is only showing 1333 in the Bios)

500GB Western Digital Caviar Black HDD (used from old build)

Creative SB X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Sound Card (used from old build)

MSI R7870 Twin Frozr III OC Edition, GHz Edition, 2GB GDDR5

I have yet to try out any games because I would like to get my RAM running at the right MHz. What do I have to adjust in the Bios and how do I do it?

DRAM frequency. Should be under OC settings, though exactly where the setting is, or what even what it's called varies greatly with motherboard/BIOS. My last ASUS motherboard (M4A785-m), it was under "jumper free configuration." Probably very different since the new motherboards are using EFI's instead of old-school BIOS.

Well here is what I see




What do I change and how do I change it? There seems to be more options than there are timings. My RAM timings are 9-10-9-27 1.50V that is what the sticker on the RAM actually says.

Well, you're just at the timings (running at 9-9-9-24 right now BTW). You won't find the frequency in the timings. Could a get a shot of the AI  Tweaker screen?

Yes, I will get you a screenshot of the AI Tweaker screen after I create a thread about the back case fan having strange RPM fluctuations. Sit tight for a moment

Here are some more shots. The first three are of the Ai Tweaker and the last one is my Bios info.





4th option down: "Memory Frequency" set it to 1866MHz.

Also, be sure to manually set the DRAM voltage as well. On my MSI board, it set my RAM to 1.65v on Auto running at 1600MHz before, despite the RAM 2000MHz at 1.5v. It should take care of the timings by itself.

Ok, I will try that and report back with the results soon :)

Ok I set the memory frequency to 1866MHz and I set the DRAM voltage to 1.50 as listed on the RAM stick itself. Saved and reset and my PC was running but I never got a video signal. Pressed the Memok! button and got video on reset and the ram was back at 1333MHz. What else can I do?

I don't think it will work, but try dialing in the timings manually as well.

If that doesn't work, Try 1600MHz @ 1.5v and/or call Corsair.

Ok the RAM seems to run fine at 1600MHz @ 1.5v. Here are some screenshots of CPU-Z with memory and spd info if that helps at all





Ok I returned the 8gb (2x4) 1866 Corsair RAM and purchased 16gb (2x8) 1600 Corsair RAM from the same series, Vengeance. and the bios showed 1600mhz without having to tweak anything. I'm thinking it was just a compatibility issue. Well this is strictly a gaming PC so a 266mhz difference shouldnt be an issue. Thanks for your help jerm1027 :)

Compatibility shouldn't have been an issue, especially since the integrated controller supports 1866 natively. Also, there is an 8GB (4x2GB) Corsair Vengeance kit @ 1866 that is on ASUS's Qualified Vendor List, meaning it is suppose to work.

You probably just got a bad batch, which is grounds for RMA, but you're right, the difference in speed won't really make a difference.

Glad I can help.