Ram Issues and Stackhash errors

In December I Upgraded from 2x1gb DDR2 sticks to 2X2gb Sticks, Max this old board will take

When I upgraded i also Went to a 64 bit version of Win 7.

But Recently after i installed both of the above items I have been getting Random Crashes in nearly every game.

Almost Every single time The error is a 'Stackhash_xxxx' error Mostly being 9a0e or something close.

SO i thought it was the Ram, so i did a 5 hour run of Memtest 86+ and it came up with 2 Errors after about 1 pass.

So i took one stick out and tested each one for 3 hours each and I did not receive any errors from the Sticks.

anyone have any idea what my problem would be? Bio's Issues? the ram? or the OS?

I'm currently running 1 of the 2gb sticks right now just to look up information.

Are you sure the new RAM you got is supported by your motherboard? I've learned the hard way to always stick to RAM that is specifically on the motherboard's "supported RAM list".

Due to the quickly cumming phasing out of DDR2 I did Not get a Supported Ram, simple because it was not available.

running one DDR2 2gb stick i am currently experancing no problems, I just ran Saints row 3 for about 2 hours, but soon as i put the 2nd stick in, stuff stops responding on the desktop and Games Freeze up.

Take the stick that worked fine out and put the other one in; the one that you installed prior to the sudden lockups you said. Since you already ran Memtest, use any of your games to test for issues.