Ram friendly air coolers?

Please bare with me if this q is old I'm new here.

I'm currently trying to piece together a system (check Build a PC forum) and I'm wondering if there are any air coolers out there that don't interfere with the first two dim slots? Stock coolers not considered. I've seen that mostly the first one is blocked. Hate to think that, if later on the need to add more ram would be thwarted by the cooler.

Stay cool (pun intended).

Get proper RAM that doesn't have haircombs tacked onto it and you'll be fine with pretty much any cooler.

My 212:


Looks like a relatively low profile ram. Personally I have Kingston HyperX Genesis Grey and it does not have any overhead cooler so it works perfectly with big coolers like my Noctua NH-D14.

Sometimes cooler manufacturers list ram compatibility so that worth a look, failing that Google for people with the same configuration.

Got me a little confused with that pic... why is your cooler mounted that way? Doesn't that pull heat from the GPU? I thought the best way was to mount where blows out the back (fan over ram) so that excess air could flow over the ram and aid in cooling? I'm just learning all this so if I'm wrong please correct.

Well, I can see where it can work, but I was thinking more along the lines of wanting to add ram later on without the need to remove and re-install the cooler. Guess I should have made that clearer in the beginning. Sorry 'bout that.



Thanks for the info Dissentient. I wonder if the bigger ones like Notura and Phanteks would fit like that? I've read that some coolers can't be mounted @ 90d. Man, this is gonna take me longer to build than I thought.

Oh in that case yeah if you have a large cooler that overhangs and you don't populate the ram slots below it before you would likely have to remove the cooler, seat the RAM and the mount the cooler again. 

why not just pickup low profile ram?  like G.skill Ares, G.skill Sniper,  corsair vengeance LP, kingston hyper x black, adata xpg1.0... or what not ☺


This one has cut outs for RAM, but say good bye to your first PCI slot.


I didn't know for sure if the Sniper I chose for the build was lp or not. I guess when I eventually do the build I could populate the 1st & 3rd. That way I could add on later, if need be, without issues. Thanks MA.

Haven't seen that before. But I must say, wouldn't the fan hanging past the cutout defeat the purpose?

I recommend the best air cooler in existence*, better than the Corsair H110i, the Cryorig R1 Universal.


*(according to techpowerup http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/CRYORIG/R1_Universal/6.html)

You can raise the fan up provided your case has the space and make it level with the cut out.

What about those horizontal tower ones? Would any of those give more clearance for ram and still be good for a 8320?

If you really are that worried about it just go with a close loop water cooler.

Why do you orient the cooler like that and not sideways?

From my experience I got better temperatures when it was facing the rear fan because they cooperate.

That cooler is absolutely gorgeous!

Man I wish those were sold in the US