Ram Frequency with AMD cpu

Ok,  I have 1600 mhz DDR3 Memory in my pc and it remains clocked at 1333 mhz. Whenever i try to overclock or even use the smart overlcocking function on my mother board, it blue screens. Any way i can get this to run at it's respective clocks without frying my memory controller? thanks.


system specs.


Ram > Kingston hyperX limited edition (4X4GB) timings (9-9-9-25)

CPU > AMD FX 6200 - slight overclock to 3.9ghz

MotherBoard > Gigabyte ga 990fxa- ud3 (AM3+) (F9 bios)

GPU > HIS radeon iceQ HD-7950 (core clock - 971mhz memory clock - 1358mhz)


While I don't know the specifications of your memory in specific, but changes are you need to set these three things manually:

  • Set memory multiplier from 3.33x to 4.00x (or 6.66x to 8.00x depending)
  • Set memory timings manually, should look them up, but settings it to 9-9-9-25 should be enough information itself
  • Set memory voltage to 1.5V (make sure this is the right number, may need to be higher or lower)

This should stabalize it, 1600MHz is a really ez clock rate to hit normally so it shouldn't be giving you issues, if it continues to do so, considering returning the memory for a new set.

the phenom II x4's didnt like memory OC's with cpu overclocks as well.... at least it was on my mobo. try removing the overclock, getting your ram up to 1600mhz and then upping your processor.


also, imo timings > frequency....

Thanks Cloud scorpion, i got it overclocked and stable, 9-9-9-27 at 1.65v


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