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RAM for 3rd gen Ryzen - G. Skill, Team or Crucial?

Here i am, pestering you guys again!
Previously i ran a Team Group Xtreem 3600mhz 2x8gb ram kit, but i had to sell it, it was far too tall for the heatsink i’m using and removing the heatsink on the RAM would void my warranty, so decided to just sell it and buy a shorter kit.
It wasn’t a bad deal either, sold them for the same i paid before, therefore i got to use them for free for quite a while.
Now i’m in the process of buying RAM again, these are the kits i’m looking right now, I’m going to jump on the opportunity to double my RAM capacity since it doesn’t cost that much more than buying a pair of 8gb sticks at this point in time.

1- 2x16gb G. Skill Ripjaws V 3200mhz (CL16, Hynix M-Die)
2- 2x16gb Crucial Ballistix Sport 3200mhz (CL18, Micron D-Die)
3- 2x16gb Team Group Vulcan Z 3000mhz (CL16, not sure about what chip it uses)

Which one of these should i get?

The one that’s on your boards QVL. Chances are, your non-configurable subtimings will be set tigther and therefore your performance will be increased. :wink:

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i just bought the cheapest 3600mhz kit i could find (corsair vengance 3600, 4 x 8 gb)

runs perfectly fine at 4000mhz cl 16

I`m happy to provide any benchmark on them that you wish, if that helps you decide!

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Also, as @Kla3 has mentioned, on Ryzen 3 the sweet spot for RAM is 3600.

@Kla3 Is 4000 faster than 3600? (I mean have you run a benchmark?) I think after 3600 RAM and the chip’s clockspeed (forgot the name) are decoupled which can lead to a performance decrease.


i totally forgot to mention that, my brain is 30 seconds behind my fingers today!
“the lights are on, but there is noone home”

Yes and no, if you just put the ramspeed up, and put it to silly tight timings, there will be a decrease in performance as you say!

the tricks is to find the ram speed thats stable, then adjust the f-clock UP until you see no more performance gain, and THEN you can start fixing your subtimings!

atleast that gave me a good performance increase.

i most say, ive never watched the “overclocking tutorials”, since those always spreads garbage(sorry the language) information, ive been in the overclocking scene long enough to ignore those “guides”

Interesting, i wonder what chips those have.
My 3600 kit had Samsung B-Dies, but those are not being made anymore.
Edit: i can get a similar kit in specs, 4x8gb 3600mhz, but its a kit of Ripjaws V

There is alot of talk about “B-die”, i have absolutely no clue why people pay extra for it(no offence to you at all)

Almost all ram can be overclocked a good amount, you just need to do the trial and error way of getting there, sure i see the argument of buying a B-die and just using “XMP”, bob is your uncle you have your rated speed.

But personally i never use XMP, since i find that a taking the time and clocking them manually makes it alot more stable, AND faster.

I like to compare it to auto overclocking of the CPU, and that is total garbage IMHO.

My advice is: buy a kit from a trusted vendor, do your research on how good that ram clocks, and totally ignore the salty people that hate everything but B-Die :slight_smile:

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There was a time i was actively searching for a B-Die kit, since that was what everyone was recommending for first gen Ryzens.
I kinda gave up on the search and settled on a Vengeance RGB 3200mhz (which i could run at 2993mhz on my mobo at the time), then i sold that kit for a profit since a friend wanted it and picked up the Xtreems and was surprised to find out they had B-Dies, in my case it was pure luck lol

Selling stuff for a profit is always a good thing! :slight_smile:

If i were you, i would do some reasearch on preferrably “HWBOT”, there you can see with proof what sticks do what speeds paired with a given CPU, asking on a forum will always make you end up buying something overpriced, since there is always some people that talk extremely loud with really strong opinions, and the often have “ALL THE EXPERIENCE” to back it up.

I picked my ram based on HWbot results, since i dont believe in overpriced stuff, i bought the cheapest kit i found that could do 3600 verified on HWbot, not verified by someone with a strange avatar living in his\hers moms basement

Sorry for the rant, im just old and kinda fed up with the know it alls!

Where in the world do you live, and is there anything i can do to be of help to help you pick the ram you want? im happy to do research, run benchmarks etc

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I understand perfectly, sometimes i get kinda fed up with it either lol.

I live in Brazil, i generally pick my hardware at Terabyteshop, Pichau, Kabum and sometimes Mercado Livre.
I’m willing to spend up to R$1100, the only real needs are low heatsinks and speed over 3000mhz.

allright ! i will have a look at that site, even tho my understanding of brazilian\spanish is pretty rusty, i probably will have to get my wife to help me translate, haha!

And that is a GOOD budget, i bought this 32gb kit, 3600mhz for around 900R$

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3200 cl16

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Thanks man!
Its really hard to find somebody that understands portuguese in english speaking forums and local forums/groups are full of misinformation, that’s why i come here, the recommendations are always solid.

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3200 vs 3600 pricewise is the same if you pick the right kit tho

Ironically I have some cl18 3600 B-die that doesnt really run beyond its XMP for the major timings. For me im sure its the board holding me back.

depends, what board? dual rank ? how many sticks?

C8H SR x 4

it not really that big of a deal though. doesnt mean much to me.

E-Die seems to be “climbing” better than B-Die these days, from what i’ve been seeing the guys mess around in the local groups.
People are getting over 4000mhz stable with 3200mhz Ballistix dimms.


Hey, we are compuer enthusiast for a reason, atleast i am, i like to learn shit by myself, and share that knowledge with others, and if others wants to listen to it or not is up to them.

But atleast i have a HWbot page full of proof to back up my statements :wink: