RAM compatibility

Hi...I have a question...I'm almost done getting all the parts for my new build...the only thing left is getting some RAM...my motherboard suports dual channel so I was wondering if I could buy an 16GB quad channel memory so I'd fill all the slots....or do I have to get 2 x dual packs 8GB each....???...

so... one 16GB pack with 4 dims...


two individual packs with 8GB (4+4) each



please help me here!!...


Thanks... =)

There are dual channel kits with 4 dimms, like this one just as an example http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820233143

There's not much reason to get 4 dimms over 2 though. I'd just get a 2x8 GB kit.

ALWAYS CHECK YOUR MOTHERBOARD MANUFACTURER'S SUPPORTED RAM TYPES!! Tons of people get burned when they order something that will never achieve advertized clock speeds etc. Make sure your MOBO supports it. Google search your MOBO product number/model and download the latest manual. You may need to flash your bios to be able to install newer types of ram etc. Read up. Make sure you know what you are doing and you get the correct BIOS for your Processor. 



I would recommend buying a quad channel kit if you plan on filling all the dimms. The dimms will all be matched, and should get the speed advertised (and for OCing its better to have matching dimms). Ram is Ram, DDR3 is what matters, you can use all diffferent sticks and it wouldnt matter, but it would very difficult to get it to run at the posted speed. No such thing as Dual Channel, or Quad Channel. Just means its 2 matched dimms or 4 matched dimms.