RAM Compatibility? Yikes!

I have an MSI B550 UNIFY motherboard and 128GB G.Skill DDR4 3200-C16 Ripjaws V RAM on the way.

And then I looked in the compatibility list for this motherboard. The RAM I bought ain’t there.

Will it work? I have a feeling it won’t. Or rather, it’ll work but occasionally I’ll get errors or BSODs/kernel panics as a result of incompatibility.

I checked compatibility at G.Skill’s website too, same story: the RAM I bought isn’t listed as being compatible with the motherboard I got.


Anyone can put my mind at rest? Thanks!

As far as I know:
RAM QVL is just a guarantee that the RAM should work, and anything not on the list should work; but may not run to the listed (overclock) speed/timings.



Thanks. That’s my belief too. I’m really seeking assurance before I open the RAM packaging and maybe void an RMA.

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What he said. Other than early first gen Ryzen problem; but yeah, if it posts, you can at least have it work, maybe without DOCP (XMP) but manually setting looser timings and the rated speed could work fine.


Basically this.

QVL = the RAM works at the rated speed, or at the speed listed on the QVL.

Pretty much anything should work at standard non-XMP speeds.

Also, non-QVL RAM doesn’t necessarily not work, it just hasn’t been certified by the vendor. If its the same modules as another QVL kit you’ll probably get similar results.

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I think higher end CPUs can tolerate increased RAM speeds, same goes with mobos.

You have a modern motherboard, it should be fine. 3200MHz isnt a particularly challenging frequency.

Worst case scenario is you would operate at 2133 or maybe 2666 speed. You will take a penalty to performance but it shouldnt be that significant.


Well, MSI responded to my support request. It’s not exactly encouraging… Might be ass-covering, but does make me think I should RMA the memory and get some that is on the QVL.

It is possible that the memory will work, yes. However, since it has not been tested, we can’t verify it will. Incompatible memory may show up with different capacities (64GB instead of 128GB), freeze at random while in the operating system, or not boot reliably, or cause other performance/stability issues.

But then Newegg (or rather a Newegg support person (I believe)) said that items can be returned, no questions asked, opened or unopened, for 30 days after purchase. So I guess I’ll give it a whirl, sic memtest86 and aida64 etc. on it and see how it goes.

@regulareel I went for (relatively) mundane speed RAM with CAS16 because I want reliability (and OK latency) rather than bleeding-edge performance (it’s 128GB after all), but I wouldn’t want to operate at less than 3200MHz, certainly not 2133 if I can help it. Actually, it looks like the default is 2666MT/s based on G.Skill’s website which is better, but I still want the 3200MT/s on the tin. We shall see.

It’ll be fine.
Don’t worry about it too much.
These days QVL’s are only really a significant issue for high Ram OC’s/XMP’s such as 4 DIMM DDR4 4400 or* like DDR4 5000 etc.

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Thanks. I’m only really concerned in the case I need to RMA, but apparently the procedure is not as fraught as it used to be?

Also, I just want stuff to work out of the box.

I almost forgot, what exactly is your CPU?

It’s a 5950X

it should run 3200 out the box. although setting the xmp profile might not be the best idea to get stability.
i had been dealing with ryzen ram for a few years now and every few months i was having to repair my o.s. with sfc scannow and dism.

i finally got round to usning Dram calculator for ryzen LINK.
input the make model and chip version selected safe timings.
and it spat out some cas 14 timings for my cas 15 ram.
pretty much every ram timing was listed including ohm values for power stability. so i copied everything to bios and hoped for the best.

end result, while they are close to the xmp timings the weren’t the same timings.
and since using it, ive not had one blue screen nor have i had to run sfc scannow and dism and perform repairs :slight_smile:

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