RAM - Can I tell the difference?

Greetings! I'm planning on building a new rig upon the release of the BitFenix Progidy M to last me through University.

Being the man I am, I'm already planning the parts I'll be using. However, I'm wondering what difference more expensive (faster) RAM will actually make in terms of noticable performance? I accept that benchmarks will be better, but what will those extra scores actually mean to me?

For example, in my current gaming rig, I'm running some rather 'bog standard' RAM; 8GB of Corsair Vengeance clocked at 1600MHz. Would I actually notice the difference if I were to upgrade to some 2400MHz (+?) RAM?

Essentially, will buying some expensive RAM give me more better performance or will it merely increase my e-peen?

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Three questions I have to ask before I can give an educated answer. Which CPU will you be buying? What will you be doing besides gaming on said hardware? Finally, will you be overclocking?

You also need to take into count the cas latency aswell, if you are doing things such as video editing. Usully faster ram has sloppier timings.


1) I've got the 4770K in mind, as it stands.

2) Well, I'm still a student, so the work could vary quite a bit - ranging from 3D modelling to rendering videos. However, my main priority for the system assides from the gaming is streaming the gameplay and perhaps editing video for fragmovies. They're the only things in which I'll be expecting high performance from.

3) I will be overclocking the CPU, yes. I'll be buying a H100i cooler, so I may as well overclock.

If you need any more information, feel free to ask. :)


For streaming, you might be better off with the fx 8350

Video streaming with the FX-8350 and 2400 MHz RAM will overpower a 4 core equivalent from Intel. This is because you can delegate 2-4 of the cores for the game and the other cores for your transcoding/streaming software.

In regards to your comment on getting the H100i, I highly recommend getting the Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme over it. I got mine last week and it has been absolutely amazing and out performs the H100i. It was only 90 bucks on newegg as well.

is 16gb 1600mhz better than 8gb 2400 or 1866 mhz

It depends on timings and how many memory channels are being utuilised by each configuration, as well as what your using the ram for.

it's the fans, thermaltake made better fans for the cooler. i have a water 2.0 pro which is h80 equivalent and i get extra 3-4'C because of how well the fans were designed, pump is a tiny bit stronger.