RAM and Heatsinks... Mortal Enemies

I am looking into a really good heat sink ie: NH-D14 but almost all ram with heatsinks dont fit. 

So my question is: Does anyone know of good 1600 or 1866 memory that fits underneath the heatsink. I have been looking at some Corsair Vengance low profile, and G.Skill Ares memory. Do you know if they fit underneath? 



Ripjaws are pretty low profile ram with a good heatsink on them, fit under a V6 in a older amd system of mine, so should fit under anything cause the V6 is on fat SOB

I run G/Skill under my D14, the 120mm fan has to sit a couple of mm higher and rests on the RAM.

In this picture you can see the front fan is lifted just a little.


Sorry for the double post but one of my videos covers the instilation of a D14 over the G.Skill ram in my system...


No the post is fine and thanks for the feedback :)

thermalright silver arrow sb-e is about 1cm longer, but, according to benchmarks i've seen, cools slightly better than the nh-d14, but is ~4-6 dba quieter. i'll have to dig them up....

edit: found one, compares cpu coolers at 2 rpm levels.