Rainmeter Open Source Software

So I've been screwing with this software called Rainmeter, Here is a link to their official website: http://rainmeter.net/ i've also been using LUA scripting to make gadgets and skins for it and I have devloped a skyrim themed skin pack for rainmeter Including some extras to completely bring the skyrim experience to your computer. Here is a screen shot of it in action on my machine:

and here is a video showing how to use it and where to download the skin pack:


This is also my first post to the forums so if I made any mistakes please tell me!

Thanks For Reading!



I quite like this one I got an AC II theme going on, though I think I'm going to go try and make my own. Btw nice choice.

Thanks and awesome if you are i suggest to get adobe photoshop cs6 and look up some tutorials on lua scripting!

I don't even....

You have 3 clocks, 2 calanders, and more than one shortcut to most programs...

its meant to look like skyrim gui and you can choose one of these clocks and customize everything i was just showing off all the features....

dang... all I've done is kludged Lua to get implosion 2 to do what I want it to (installed a tempmeter, hack)... and turned it blue... Cause blue and black is awesome.