Raidmax Cases - Size?

I searched all over the raidmax website but I can't find what size the cases are. Are they all full tower or are they mixed?

Uhm, well, there's a lot of Raidmax products, and they vary. Most of them, however, are Standard ATX-Mid Tower, and I think the only other sizes of cases they make is the Katana, which is a Full Tower, and the IceCube, which is a MicroATX Mid Tower. Their more popular cases like the Smilodon, Scorpio and Saggitta series are all ATX-Mid Tower's.

Dang, its so hard to find a good full tower

go on, and used the filters to search for fulltowers.

i think the kanata is full size atx, but theres always alot of other brands n differnt cases.

Well, here are a few good Full Towers I recommend. They're sorted by price, Low-High. You seem to be on a budget, so these are between $100-150.

Apevia MX-Pleasure

W/O Window-

W/ Window-

Enermax Uber Chakra ( I think these are CrossFire certified, if I remember )

Solid Black-



Apevia X-Telstar

Gigabyte 3Dmars

Thermaltake Armor VA8000BWS ( Probably the best Full-Tower under $150 )

Ultra M923 ( Popular Case, I wouldn't get it, but thats up to you )

NZXT Zero ( Widely regarded as the best case for stock cooling and price )

Does this case have good cooling? I see it doesn't have a top fan but the side should be good enough I think.

Oh yeah, that should be good. Not as good as the NZXT Zero I wouldn't think, but good enough with those two 120mm rear exhaust fans and that 250mm(seems like it would be an intake, but I can't be sure). And I love the gauges/LCD temperature readouts Apevia puts on their cases.

Yeah I love how you can change both the intake and exhaust fans on that case