Raid Sata III on Intel DX79SR?

I got my DX79SR and 4x Kingston 3K 120GB. And I was wondering if a can RAID 0 using sata III.

I have been looking around for some time now and found this.

Two of the sata III goes derectly to the PCH and the otrher two goes through a marvell controller before reaching the PCH.

What do you guys think can I raid with all 4 SATA III (6Gb/s)? Or do I need to use the SATA II (3Gb/s) instead.

Can i get any help with this??

I don't see why you can't raid 0

You should be able, though it doesn't say anything in the board specifications. If you change the sata mode from ahci/ide to raid the you can. After you've cahnged the sata, exit the bios and repedly press ctrl+i.

Once, you've created your raid, you'll need to reinstall windows if you didn't load the raid preinstallation drivers at installation.

You can but keep in mind you cannot have a 4 drive RAID 0 configuration. The PCH only has 2 SATA 6G ports. While there are additional controllers they are not mapped into the RST ( Storage controller firmware ). As such if you want to have a RAID 0 with 4 drives you would need to span it across 4 of the 6 PCH ports ( 2 6G and 2 3G ports ). Keep in mind though the risk of a complex raid like this is high.

Hope this helps.

Please enjoy the rest of your day.