Raid fail question

So just would like to know when happens if you are running a good Raid card and it fails the drives are useing a SAS cable what will have to the aray of drive when you replace or fix the card will you just have to plug the the cables in to the new or fixed card and it will workand the aray is fine or will you have to reset up the raid and losse your data  or if you are just useing them as inderival disks not in raid

to put it simplay withat will happen to you drives and data if your raid card dies

wanting to know cos i am trying to work out the best way to store all the data i have


thank you for any help

you never lose data.. if something like that happens pull one from the array and mount the file system under something like freebsd or *nix... pull the data that matters just in case then go about rebuilding the filesystem under the new raid card... 

ah k thank you