Raid Box review?

Hey guys, (Logan, Pistol, Quan, Wendell, anybody else I forgot)

I wanted to know if guys every plan on ever reviewing a raid box/enclosure.  I plan on building one eventually because I have a movie collection that is continuously growing.  I will make a post about his under the other hardware topic but I just wanted to get your opinion.  I am looking to spend around 200-300 bucks, just on the box (harddrives seperatly) I don't need something with a lot of features but I don't want to skimp and get something that will die in a couple years.  So im willing to wait and save more if need be, or is there a better option for storage out there (other then one of those portable drives)  But by the end of this build I would like to have around 8-10TB

Thanks - TytheTyrant

Well you'd be looking at spending 200-300 dollars on a decent RAID card anyways....