Raid and external hard drives

raid 1 is awesome, if you got an extra HDD and would like to make sure your stuff is doubly safe... but what about external hard drives and stuff you dont want on your internal hard drives? last night mine gave me a pretty good scare i though i lost 300g of saved stuff, could they even make raid configerations for say eSATA or USB drives

eSata can do RAID 1 but not 0 I think, and USB just won't support that kinda speed.

yeah USB could never support that kind of speed

USB3 maybe, but that ain't gonna be available even in servers until early 2010

wait so some externals do support raid? wow, how would you go about setting that up

if its hooked up to esata your bios recognizes it as a drive

ahh, wow i guess its been a while since ive been in my bios lol

need to try to re-OC anyway