RAID 5 data recovery

I had a raid 5 array on windows home server, unfortunately the LSI 9240 raid card died before I could get my freenas server up and running. One of the drives has since died as well. I bought a used LSI 9240 raid card, but it was flashed to a 9211. Tried flashing it to the original firmware but it still did not have the raid 5 option and would not read the array. I’ve tried a few software solutions, but they write a disk image and there isn’t enough space on the freenas server to write the image and extract it. They were also painfully slow at finding the raid parameters and writing the image. If I boot from Ubuntu or another distro is it possible to use mdadm or another Linux utility to recover the data and write to the new server? I have the raid specifics such as drive order, block size, etc.


Raid card died, is mdadm (or another linux utility) able to read the raid5 array and recover the data?

Buy another 9240, that hasn’t been tampered with. Linux MD won’t be able to make sense of the organization LSI used.