RAID 10 Initialization Question

I installed a Dell R930 server with 24 1.2 TB drives in a RAID 10 array, for a VMWare environment. It was set up 7 days ago and it still says the disks are initializing. How long should this take? Me and my coworker have been Googling all morning and Dell support, just keeps transferring us. Any help is appreciated.

Nevermind. I was digging through the BIOS and found that it is at 52 percent, so looks like it could take another full week before the Initialization is completed.

Do you have any idea why it takes that long / what has to be done in the initlialization process?
(just out of curiosity)

From my own research, it seems to be erasing the disks and remapping bad blocks. There is a fast Initialization but from what I can find online, it's recommended to use slow.

The larger the disk size, the longer this process takes.

In our case, it looks like it is going at a rate of 6 percent a day(24 hours). It started on the 9th and will be done on the 24th, at this rate.

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It took me 4 hours to initialize 4 500g drives the other day so I could imagine that man larger drives would take forever as well.

Are you on the perc 6/i?

I'm not sure. I'm in a different building today, so I can't check, at the moment. I know the general specs of the machine and I know that it's a heavy beast of a machine. We got a second identical one in, as well, that will be used for the same thing.

Does this mean the remapping has to be done one harddrive at a time, going through the elements of the array, so to speak, and cannot be parallelized? Sounds horrible. :)

That I'm not sure of. It is now at 95 percent so it may be done tomorrow.