Raid 0 ssd boot drive

I have 2 Samsung 840 pro 128gb SSD i plan to run in raid 0 for a boot drive .

I would only install the O/S on this drive as i have read to keep  it on a seperate drive. Is that corret


Last I heard, running the OS in RAID (on SSD) slows down the boot time, actually. I don't have personal experience with SSD in RAID so I could be wrong. 

It works. Go for it.


If you have a new Intel motherboard (most i7 and some i5), you can even use TRIM on the dual SATA3 Intel ports.



250gb for a boot drive only is kinda overkill.

I have 2 120Gb samsung 840 drives in raid0 and the boot time from one ssd was 10secs as soon as i put them in raid 0 the boot time went to 25-29 secs so if your looking for boot time speed its not worth it, i would jjust use the one SSD