Raid 0 and SSD reliability

I'm going to be implementing a raid 0 with windows 8 in the next few weeks, and I keep hearing about how it can cause problems with reliability. I'm not worried if I have to rebuild it every few months but if it's going to be worse than that I won't bother.

I'm looking for people's real-world experiences, not just hearsay.

As always, thanks for any help you can give.

If you are going to be using just a couple of brand new SSDs, reliability shouldn't be much of a concern.

the fact is that having 2 drives is twice the chance for failure so if you have not bought the ssd's yet I would go for a single ssd.  But I have not had any problems with my ssd cache for my 1tb harddrive that is technically a raid setup.  I am on windows 7 though

Reliability should ALWAYS be a concern.

I agree with this for the short term, but what about long term? I'll also have a 1tb mechanical drive for files and such, so I have no worries about that.

im on a raid 0, 2 120gb vertex ssd

fine so far. getting about 998 mb/s too.

im not too worried about failure, i dont save anything important on that array and rebuilding from backups is  no big deal.

How long have you had it?

Raid is a very old technology that was created to get the best out of mechanical drives,ssd's aren't built for raid.

Thats not to say you shouldn't raid them.Its just that the reliability goes down when they are doing something they aren't supposed to do.

haha 2 months :p

ssd's aren't built for raid.

This is completely wrong.

i bet that and ssd raid array is still way more reliable than a raid array of mechnical hard drives.

It doesn't matter if you use 2 SSD's or 2 HDD's in RAID0, the reliability is exactly a half if you use the same drives in the RAID because if one drive fails all data is lost.

I bought 3, 120gb OCZ Agility III about a year ago and put them in Raid 0 and had one fail in first two months.  Only real loss was the reinstall of the OS since I backup.  As reliable as SSDs should be, they still fail :(

yes, but wouldnt you agree that SSD's are generally more reliable than mechanical?

generally, yes.

Ok, thanks again guys. 2+ months isn't a problem for me. If it was much less than that I might have a problem. Looks like I'm going forward with this.