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Rage 2 suffers from Bethesda's greed


The BFG shown in trailers is exclusive to deluxe and collector’s edition according to their community manager

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start up the hate train!

In all honesty I hate bethseda. They didnt even pay good developer groups for the work they did on new vegas smfh



That sucks, lmao. What a PR nightmare.

But, that first comment is so overdramatic. It’s not “$20 extra for a weapon”



Cool single player pay to win.

Back in my day they were cheat codes or new game+ content.

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Still is with the right game :wink:

Lmao. You get that day 1 expansion pack though. Remember when those were $30 and basically a brand new game?

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And people think I am nuts because I have not bought a single Non Nintendo game since Civ 6.



Nice. Great buy :smiley:

Funk it, I’m down to start the revolution. @MazeFrame @psycho_666 DAY 1 DLC is Murder Campaign 2020



lol, I think that was the last PC game i bought!



AAA industry is baffling to me I don’t get why people keep buying these games.

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I mean meh…? This happens all the time and it is not even an appropriate weapon for the game just some weird tie in.

The bigger question is if this is even worth playing, the first one also got major hype and was just so dull, to the point I did not hear about it again after the first few days of release and certainly after a week it was dead.

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What? AAA publisher having garbage extortion practices? Noooo, that never happens…



Sure thing, when?

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I think a buddy and I tried to pinpoint the beginning of this before. Release Day DLC is such a scam, because it could have been added to the game.

Maybe it was one of the Call of Duties? It’s been a while. Now it’s just business as usual.

Going to spin up a GoFundMe and make an entry.



wasn’t there a lot of drama around them doing this in mass effect 3?



I only recall the atrocious ending in the original game. They ended up changing the ending with the DLC, I believe, to be something else.

Fucking Princess Bride bedtime story bullshit.



they had day one DLC in it. a playable character, a Prothean



That is not really true…
Day 1 DLC is easily explained…
Every PC and Console game have to go through a few weeks certiffication period before it gets released. Throughout that time the actual programmers and stuff have absolutely nothing to do, so they patch and fix bugs and add a little something…
Now payed day 1 DLC is the true garbage…

Easy… World of Warcraft…
It was the first huge continuous money gathering scheme…
From that point forward everyone tried to find a way to constantly drain money from their userbase…



makes sense. Once they gave up on trying to beat WoW in the MMO space, they decided they need to make that monetization scheme to other genres.



Hm… Don’t know if I agree with that. Burning Crusade took years to develop and was a huge world of things to do with a ton of new features. True to the name of Expansion Pack.

Wrath of the Lich King, same thing from what I recall. I started falling out at around that time, though, only making brief stints in returning. I think other, online FPS took advantage way before BlActivision started doing it.



whatever the fuck happened to having new game content and cheat codes and free DLC? My era of gaming has just died :confused:

That game is amazing… Ive been dabbling a bit in spare time… Love all the new dynamics