Radiator Cooling - Fan question

I have two rads both XSPC, 360mm and 480mm the v3 ones. My question is on the fans, Im using Noctua NF-F12 fans in a push config which is working great temp wise. I have the fans setup using the LNR cables and have them at 30%-50% depending on temp. I guess I am oversensitive to computer sounds cause they sound crazy loud. The main reason I went water cooling was to have a quieter computer and mine sounds like an air cooled system. I have them in a 900D case.

Any suggestions on how to lower the noise? Be it new fans or setup..


more radiators, = lower speed fans required
i have 3 bricks of 120mm x 3 radiators, when my pc only actually needs 1
but because i have all that extra radiator space,
I can actually just have all of my fans OFF and gameing never gets into the 50'c area

with my lower speed cougar fans (which i cant hear) ON my temps stay about 40'c ish MAX
generally, my hard drives make more noise than the rest of my fans and water pump.

the externally mounted radiators bolted to my pc

skyrim ala 4k, msi and temps on bottom left

Thanks for reply. Ok I guess I will setup a profile to have them off and kick in when temp hits 45+.

ive always been a temperature nazi
mainly because of my gaming consoles,
ive lost 4 ps3s and about 3 xbox360s due to redrings and whatnot

so when i finally decided to put computers together,
i generally set my max temps to 60 when on air
like if my gpu was stock cooler, id have my fans max 100% at 60c.

i really love the program msi afterburner, its pretty perfect for that sort of thing,
as for the actual radiator fans for the pc,
i control them with headers from the motherboard,
and the asus ai suite program (asus mobo)
it lets me control the headers for the chassis and the cpu separately
so i have temp / fan speed curves for each,
the 9 radiator fans are rigged off of a pwm splitter from the cpu fan header and powered via molex

but ran through my set of switches on the front, so i have 100% off if i want too.

im using it with a Lamptron Fan-Atic 5 Port Military Switch Baybus
5 independant channels with 60W output per each channel
Adjust fan speed to Full Speed (12V output, Red LED on), Low Speed (5V output, Blue LED on), or Off
5 x 3-pin connectors to fan, 1 x 4-pin molex connector to power supply
Fits any standard 5.25" drive bay (5-7/8" x 1-5/8")
CNC milled solid aluminium panel of up to 3/4", available in black anodized aluminium or aluminum silver

using a Swift tech Apogee XL cpu water block. http://www.swiftech.com/ApogeeXL.aspx

using an EK FC-670 waterblock http://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-fc670-gtx.html

on my Gtx970 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814487070

my 1600mhz idle temp right now is 20c
my 4200mhz in game temps float about 35c to 42c
that have 9x :COUGAR CF-V12HPB 120-mm fans
800 - 1500 RPM
70.5 CFM (max.)
Hydro Dynamic


being fed by a MCP655 pump (24 W=12v 2amp, 50 PSI/3.5 BAR)