Radeon VII no display

Just got a Radeon VII today and when I installed it it booted to Windows and then the display went blank. I reboot the PC and it just wouldn’t boot. I installed my old card (980 Ti) back in the PC and it boots to POST and to Windows just fine. Any ideas on what could be the issue. Here are my specs:

  • Ryzen 7 2700X
  • ASRock Fatality B450 Gaming K4
  • G.SKill Flare X memory
  • Corsair 750W PSU (H750i)

Obvious question, but did you connect both power connectors?

Really? Yes.

I would try using Display Driver Uninstaller to remove the Nvidia drivers before trying the VII again. If you aren’t familiar with it, you’ll need to boot into safe mode and run it so it’ll clear the system of any left over pieces of the Nvidia driver stack that might not have otherwise been removed b/c Windows was accessing the files and it’ll give you the option to shutdown after uninstall so you can install the VII. Make sure it’s fully seated into the PCIE slot when you put it back in. I’ve ran into that issue before.

I assume you are using the same display cable so that is unlikely to be the issue but it wouldn’t hurt to try another one if it’s still having issues before sending the card back to the vendor.

The card is seated. My biggest issues at the moment is the system won’t even POST with the new card in it. That isn’t the case with my 980 Ti. I should at least be able to POST with the card, right?

BIOS update?

Yeap, I updated to the latest BIOS for my board in March. No new versions have come out since then. I am starting to think this GPU came DOA and might just send it back to Amazon.

There is a firmwareupdate for the card that adds uefi support. Try disabling uefi in your bios and see if it posts. If it does you need to download and install it from windows, if you have 4pcie power connectors install it as a secondary card so you can flash it.

Okay, I will give it a try. Sucky part about B450 is I only have two 16x slots and once you install an NVMe one slot is gone. I’ll load Windows on a SATA SSD and boot from that to free up that slot.

It doesn’t have to go into a x16 slot you can use a x1 or x4 slot. That is if the slot is open ended on the right. Most are these days afaik.

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Yeah, the 1x slots are closed are not open on this board.

Ah rip, well good luck in any case.

It’s unlikely a problem with the board since another known working card will post. I’ve had systems not post after having power delivery components burn out on the card. The only way to be sure before sending it back would be to put in another system.

I had the same issue with an older X58 board. I ended up having to put my older video card (RTX 970) in at the same time so that system would post with it and then the system would see the Radeo VII

what do you mean with it doesn’t even post anymore with the radeon 7 in?
Does the PSU do like a double click and stay off?

That might be a faulty Card.

Hate to break it to you buddy but I posted this last year in May. So yeah the issue was resolved with a replacement card, lol.

Lol yea, should look at the dates more.

Nice that you got a replacement

Closed as OP has solved the problem.