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Radeon V520 - New AMD [Enterprise Only] SR-IOV [MxGPU] solution

Looks like an RDNA*/Navi based solution to complement/replace[?**] the existing v340 [dual Vega56] solution.
*it appears to have more or less the same specs as the Radeon Pro W5700 - 36 CUs, 2304 stream processors and 8 GB RAM [but HBM2 w/ECC rather than GDDR6]- so it’s RDNA 1 / Navi…

I wonder if this means that RoCm support for Navi/Big Navi is just around the corner… or this is purely a virtualization card with no software stack support for compute??

** amongst other things, v340 is used for multi-player cloud gaming - e.g. I thought Google Stadia runs on it - but the V520 looks like it’s more for single use/dedicated [but still remote/cloud] workstation use…
“Amazon Virtual Workstation (G4ad)”