Radeon RX Vega 56 and Vega 64 Retail Editions: First Benchmarks (Games, Mining, Impressions) | Level One Techs

Wendell's Pick: RX Vega 56 -- better overall value due to better overclockability and price point @ $499 available August 28.

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Good first look, thank you. I guess it would make sense to clear up the SR-IOV question as soon as possible because it keeps getting up again and again here in the forum and I don’t think a lot of other outlets will cover that.

In Germany you can actually already order Vega64 at caseking. But it is 600+ Euro for the standard and up to 700,- for the limited edition. The watercooled cards go even up to almost 800,- Euro…

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Eh? What Hype Train? The hype train was with Polaris and people forgot Vega exists.


you must of missed out on so many dank memes. the massive “VEGA Anything” thread we have on the forum, and the massive AyyMD hype train in the lounge.

From what I’ve seen anyone who wants to buy Vega has to go to their local Microcenter or Frys. shopping with so many E-Tailers is a waste of time.


Was nothing compared to the hype train Polaris has, if anything, people outside of fucking Ayymd (it’s Ayymd, don’t expect much of anything from those clowns) were damn cynical about it before it’s official specs were revealed.

I clicked on this video to see if it was fucking gorgeous.

if you’re talking about Miners that would be right. but the Hype train with Vega has been YUUUGE since announcement wanna know why? cause Vega has been mega-fucking late. Polaris didn’t add anything to the table. all it was from a performance standpoint was an Efficient RX 390x.

Funny thing is I had AMD fans telling me, that their products were never late…they were.

they weren’t. Vega was late cause HBM2. yields are low as shit… why do you think Nvidia hasn’t moved to HBM2? Pascal was supposed to launch with HBM2 but yields messed that up… that’s why all the high end cards have GDDR5X…


How many cats though?


How are these cards for productivity, Adobe and 3D modeling software?


With the video I wish the benchmarks would have stayed on the screen much longer but thanks for a very honest and somewhat helpful video. Now though AMD still doesn’t have anything as good as GameWorks so no AMD for me. In regards to mining I can’t even wrap my head around that anymore. I probably have a card, the GTX 1080 Ti, that can do a decent job mining something so eh again no need to go AMD. Anyway … here is hoping that AMD can get the card out at or close to the MSRP to people they intended to get the cards out to and that surely wasn’t miners.

What’s good about Gameworks? It’s crap aside from Hairworks and HBAO+. Unless your a game dev of course.


in synthetic tests didn’t vega 56 was better than 1070 in tessellation? Not sure where i saw it, but i think gameworks hairworks shouldn’t be hitting hard anymore. (dev’s are already stopping use of FXAA which was killing amd gpu’s) In terms of particles it was proven before when apex, physx was allowed to run on hardware acceleration on amd in warframe it performance much better than on nv gpu’s - had less hit in fps.

Warframe tested this on ps4/xbone and had shown code running on pc also (amd gpu running physx/apex)

(since the big backlash since witcher3 and batman’ dev’s started to invest in their own gpgpu open-source effects to replace gameworks effects. This includes warframe, and even unreal engine. The cdproject red is hiring effect developers which means they will be creating their own libs instead using gameworks.)

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I am so disappointed it is likely to offend someone. What for? The lack of the ultimate performance figure, cats/s. NEEDS MOAR CATS :smiley:

(editors note: the above statement may or may not reflect the current state of mind of the author moreso than the authors actual opinion, as the author is currently suffering from cat withdrawal)


You just said in this post basically what I already said. Nvidia offers more and I like that. As for AMD card owners I hope they are satisfied with their cards. No hate. I would love to buy an AMD video card again one day but the time is not now for me.

Yes but Gameworks is a crap feature overall. It was there to sell Maxwell basically. That aside there is nothing wrong with buying an NVidia GPU really, my reasoning for preferring AMD (Although I am displeased with them under-performing badly) is just cause I get some features found that NVidia only supports in their Quadros cards, such as VMs.

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I am not going to talk about this further as my first post said enough. If you want to bait me into an Nvidia vs AMD deal it is not happening. I enjoyed watching the video, wish AMD the best, and I hope that people enjoy the cards they get. I will enjoy mine which happens to be an Nvidia card.

Looks like no SR-IOV for Vega https://community.amd.com/thread/218846#2817867