Radeon R9 390x = Rebadgeon Hawaii?

I hope this isn't true... My pc badly needs a GPU upgrade...


I guess the entire R9 300 series lineup will be rebadges, with enhancements; the Fiji XT will be a different named, Titan class, GPU.

With that said, where would the Fiji Pro slot in? Curious....


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Looks like I'm sticking with my R9-290. this year. Hawaii for all intensive purposes were terrible overclockers. Most people didn't even get more than 8 percent increase in performance. i'm curious how the R9-390x or whatever the Hawaii Rebrand is going to be going to compete with the 980. the 290x barely competes right now.

I would read that article but wccftech lacks any sort of standards when it comes to making articles on rumors.

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that's not necessarily true. when it came to reporting these AMD GPU rumors they have been spot on lately.

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Looks like I'm going for a r9 290 series or a Ngreedia gpu next year or so if my gaming habbits need it and what game do use DX 12? Probably not going to upgrade since I'm mostly going to play CSGO, League of Legends which require hardly any gpu but love the cpu but sometimes Killing Floor 2 (I think its GPU bound) GTA V (bloody hackers but want eyecandy and likes cpu) and Skyrim (MMOOODDDSSS!!!!! COME TO ME!!!!). Why Ngreedia not Nvidia? they drop their last gen gpus support when they release a new gen of it and they are bloody expensive and AMD broke.

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Agreed. Still, It sort of makes sense.

Could you imagine if Fiji Pro and Fiji XT ends up being 390 and 390x? There would be a huge price gap between Grenada and Fiji. Like $300 or $400... It would be redonk...

Rumors rumors rumors.


Rumors rumors, rumors. Rumors.


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just take WCCF with a big grain of salt.
They have never turned out to be accurate with anything.

Nor AMD nor Sapphire has given any "official" information about the new 300 series.

I wish people stopped giving attention to shitty clickbaiting rumor mills that are only after page views.

And their source seems to be videocardz (another rumor mill). The question is, when a shitty rumor mill references another shitty rumor mill, does the shittines merely double, or increase in ^2?

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From what I've heard so far, the Fiji gpus are supposed to be more geared towards the GM200. Meanwhile, the 300 series is more for the mainstream/enthusiast market. It would make sense for them to offer n updated hawaii gpu with 8gb of GDDR5 as they 1. need to fill out their line up and 2. have already started making cards with 8gb GDDR5, so why wouldn't the updated hawaii gpus have 8gb as well? That said, it wouldn't make much sense to rename the 290x as the 390x. Then the generational step forward wouldn't mean anything. "Oh, man. I need to upgrade my 290x. I'm going to get something from the new, 300 series. The 390x should be a good choice." And then they end up with the same gpu. That wouldn't make sense. So, I don't know. We will have to see. It will be a few more weeks before we know for sure.

AMD has to come out with something that either outperforms the 980 at a better price point, is on par with the titan x at a better price point or outperforms the titan x at about the same price. There is only these three options, otherwise they'll be facing some serious trouble very soon. I think wccftech is being very wccftech here. I don't believe that rumor.

Barely anything has been announced officially, how could they be spot on? Not to mention they are usually about 2 days late to "report" on the rumors anyway.

I suggest you go back and read their 7-or-so "Rumor Reports" on Zen leading up to the AMD Analyst Day reveal. The amount of things they got wrong is staggering.

the very early rumors about some of the the R9-300 series being rebadges turned out to be factual. mind you it made alot of sense. but it still became factual. you can go on AMD's Site and see the R9-380, 370 and R7-360 on their site. they had an article about the R9-370 potentially being having a 4GB edition. later on turned out to be true.


Like i said, not everything every single rumor they have an article on is true. BUT in this case with the AMD GPUs a lot of them later turned out to be true.

rumours rumours rumours lol all this "news" about the 300 series is starting get pretty funny imo

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yeah its hurting my head.

Rumor: 390X will be a rebranded Pentium 4


im sorry you cant afford the lastest and greastest GPU

From what Ive heard on jayz two cents, pauls hardware, and pc per the 390/390x may have 8gb gddr5 and the card with hbm may be a flagship card like the Titan X. Something we haven't ever seen yet maybe a 395x or somthing. But as usual nobody knows for sure, its just fun to speculate and hope for good things out of AMD for once every decade....lol

The first batch that are due to be released are said to be 4gb cards with 8gb cards coming later.

Hey even still the Pentium 4 could do 10GHz!