Radeon Pro Render - think I am going to wait until this is released

Before I even consider upgrading to zen.


Was reading up on this bad boy late last year but things went all quiet on it..

This is a little bit tin foil hat.. but I am thinking this was intentionally held back in its release as when this gets released it will make cpu rendering in cinema4d largely irrelevant, and given that is zen's crowning glory at the moment it just doesn't make sense to sh*t on your own parade.

I had been thinking on 'upgrading' to zen based on the render scores but if this delivers then all I will really need to do is buy another 390x to go with my current gpu and it would blow all cpu cinebench scores out of the window.

Definitely going to wait...

If this delivers then it gets me to where I want to be render wise with the least amount of cost.