Radeon HD7770 for FX 6300?

So i was planning on making a new build with the AMD FX 6300 and ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 990FX for my mobo. I was thinking of getting the ASUS HD7770-2GD5 Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition 2GB for it, but I kinda wanted other opinion on it or possibly another suggestion. I will be mainly using it for gaming (battlefield 3, farcry 3, simcity, ect.) and then just for school stuff. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Asus graphic cards are more expensiver then the same cards from other menufacturer.

If you play those games farcry3 and battlefield 3 i think you better go for a better card.

If you gonne work with one videocard 

a Radeon 7870 or a 7950 <-- but no asus.

XFS radeon 7870 cost about 200 dollars thats a good card, HiS Radeon has a nice overclocked version of the 7870 iceQ turbo, but thats more expensive..

Club3D has some nice 7870 or 7950 cards too.

Why you wanne buy the  much more expensive Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0?, you can save a self some money buying the asus M5A97 evo r2.0.

if you gonne work with a single  Radeon Graffic card.

that money about 50 dollars you can spend on ya better  radeon card, like an 7870 or a 7950.

the 7770 is a low range card, it will be good for gaming but not at the high resolutions.



If you want 1080p at high settings, then youll need atleast a 7870 for farcry3 n bf3. 

dont pay the extra for a 2GB model of a 7770. The card is not powerful enough to be bottlenecked in any game with 1GB vram unless we';re talking about skyrim with texture mods which is the ONLY game that gets fps boost from more than 1GB of vram.

Ill take a look at the M5A97 evo r2.0, i was taking a look at the 7770 just cus it was cheaper. I would want to run at high settings so ill take a check out the 7870 and 7950. Thanks guys i appreciate it alot, im kinda a noob at this haha

No problem, i´m a Girl by the way haha ☺

I´ve got the HiS-Radeon 7870 in my new pc.

i just build my new pc just a week ago, afther my pentium 4 3.4 ghz HT became sooo slow, that i eaven couldn´t watch a sports stream, and  next to that playing online pool.So, after manny hours of reading  revieuws benchmarks watching youtube movies intel vs amd and so on..as much information as possible. it cost me manny sleepless nights haha.

after reading and reading i knew that the 7870 or 7950 where good performing gaming cards.

 i choose for an amd system. i took the FX8350 with the Asus M5A97 evo r2.0 and 16 GB crosair vengence ram. benchmarks from tek  make me  to this decission, to go for an amd instead of an much more expensive intel i7 setup.

why i chose for the M5A97 evo r2.0 instead of the M5A99FX pro r2.0, is the cost.

the M5A97 evro is about 70 doller cheaper then the M5A99FX pro and its pratical identical to the fuetures. the only big diffrence between those 2 boards is that the 990 fx chipsets, supports both SLI and Crosfire setups, the M5A97 only supports crosfire.

well i knew i gonne use ansingle  HiS Radeon 7870 card, i saved me some money, and buyed the M5A97 evo r2.0. cause i didnt need the 990FX chipset ;)




the 7770 is a very good card for the money one of the best bang for the buck but would suggest a 7850 or 7870 if you can afford it other wise I know the 7770 can play bf3 on high 1080p at 40+ 

I installed twin 7770s for a customer and it got HORID scores.

Battlefield 3 uses GPU's with 2Gb so will Crysis 3 and newer games, you sir are a fail in this world. Dont transfer from dimension 0 to dimension 4d(width, lenght, depth and time).

I feel your pain, I went sleepless for a couple nights trying to find the best parts for the price lol. The amount of wrong information out there was rediculous though.