Radeon HD 8800 Information Leaks




Source: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/amd-gpu-oland-8800-radeon,17643.html

cool, sucks that the Double percisions is still low

um... those numbers suck....

i mean, the price is low, which is good, but the 5890 and 6890 had higher single percision floating point throughput... like 5 tflops....

*sigh* It's priced well... not much to say really.

hmm hard to say if that info is really lefgit seems like made up by the way the numbers look 

OK, I might be missing something here so please correct me if I'm mistaken.

I could not find either models of the HD Rad cards you mentioned on AMD's website. The 6990 had a throughput, at stock clock, of 5.4 TFLOPS for SP. The 6970, which has 2 of its GPUs on the 6990, has a throughput of 2.7 TFLOPS, meaning that the proposed 8870 is something like a 46% improvement (still bad for 2 generations) but is better overall. I also imagine it's better performanc/watt but I'm not sure about that.

If the number suck, they suck. I 'm just not sure what cards you were talking about as I could not find any of them.

Just to clarify, because it sounds like some of you expect these cards to be their flagship cards, these are their mid range cards. We still have to see what the 8950 and 8970 look like.

I've heard up to +40% increase over HD7900-series.

(anonymous source - same person told me that these HD8800 numbers are legit)

numbers numbers numbers...the only numbers i care about are the real world benchmarks until those come out it's all speculation

AMD...another major disappointment.