Radeon HD 7950 3GB - Different Manufacturers - question

Hi Guys,


I want to buy new PC, and I have everything set... just gave one question with graphic card I want to buy:

1. MSI HD7950 - is £200 


2. Gigabye Radeon HD 7950 - £227 


3. MSI Radeon HD 7950 - £174



I can see that they have different Clock Speeds, but other then that? - is there going to be a big performance difference between these three cards? 

Can some one help me figuring out which one should I buy? I was thinking about number 1 as it has 2 fans and number 3 has only 1. Is the Gigabyte really worth the money in compression with the other two?


I think the first MSI model and the Gigabyte versions are both great options.  Are you overclocking or do you want it stock. If you want stock then pick the cheaper of the two.  Otherwise, go for the better cooling option.

i actualy brought the first msi card from scan for £195 2 weeks ago its a beast of a card.

This one (i got 3 games with it to now its cheaper at scan this week) http://bit.ly/13QeXJU 


I vouch for the MSI R7950 any day. Stable, great overclocker (usually doesnt even need an overclock), but it does get a little noisy at times.

Congrats and Enjoy! dood.