Radeon HD 6870 GPU For Sale

Hey guys im looking to get rid of my 6870, im looking for offers around $120, It's still in great condition and runs games excellently.

please email offers to: [email protected] 

What brand is it and where do you ship to?

XFX, I figured anywhere as long as the shipping isnt too much, preferably USA but I wouldnt mind Canada or Europe.

Well Im in France, but I will consider this. The shipping fee isnt to bad I believe.

I checked shipping to France, it said ~200 dollars, im just going to assume it was user error.

I work for a shipping company. $200 if you are in a hurry, you could send it slowly (1.5 months, or perhaps ~20 business days) for $25-40

I will give you a HD 7850 for it, but the card CANNOT be RED.

I would trade my blue and black sappire 6870 possably

$120 is a good price for the card lol I might see if I can get in on this after selling some stuff.