Radeon 7970, GTX 680 , GTX670 (pirce performances)

Radeon 7970, GTX 680 , GTX670 wich one of those is the best price perfomance for gaming of the three cards and from wich brand should i get (Asus, Gigabyte ect.) 

7970 is arguably the best card, and it is similarly priced to the 670. Good brands include MSI and ASUS, in my opinion. However, the Nvidia 700 series is rumoured to release soon. You're better off waiting until then before you pick a new card.

thank you for your help 

The GTX 680 is the best card right now (well besides the Titan anyway), but the 7970 isn't far behind and it's priced more like a GTX 670.

For price vs performance, the 7970 is the best, but the GTX 680 just barely squeaks by in raw performance.

I would grab an MSI Twin Frozr 7950 - the best price/performance out of all of them. 7970s aren't worth the extra $100 for 10% more performance over a stock 7950. The Twin Frozr cooler will allow you to easily overclock to 7970 performance, but for $100 less.

IMO "Raw" is the wrong word. The 7970 has a bigger die, more transistors, and more raw Flop power. 7970Ghz vs. GTX 680,     4Tflops vs. 3.1Tflops respectively

But i do agree the 680 and the 7970 are neck and neck, either excelling depending on the application.

Well...you know what I mean.

I know, I just wanted to point it out.


The GTX 680 is behind in both value and raw performance.



And there's been even more performance increases since then. The 7950 overclocked (all of them seem to do at least 1050Mhz on the core) is the most sensible choice though.


There is one thing I'm noticing about those benchmarks. Only the 7970 Ghz Edition cards are actually beating the GTX 680. The vanilla 7970s are a little slower than the GTX 680.

The Ghz Edition cards have a mild overclock, which makes me wonder how an overclocked GTX 680 would stack up against it. Either way though, I'm pretty sure when the cards first came out the 7970 saw more of a performance increase from overclocking anyway. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

I would personally spend the extra $100, but that's only because I like to know I have the best out there. The 7950 really is the best value though.

NOTE: that test was done in october. and since then the drivers have increases dramatically

how do you mean that ? 

He means that the benchmark tests are a bit out-dated. The performance of GPUs can increase with driver updates. The GTX680 always beat the 7970. After some updates, they are more neck and neck. With the GHZ edition of the 7970 pushing the best performance in a higher number of games. Far Cry 3 and Crysis 3, just to name a couple.