Radeon 7950 weird issues

Hello forum,

so about 5 months ago I bought a used XFX 7950 off eBay, a big risk I know, but during the first few months it was working perfectly fine. Now all of a sudden it crashes my entire computer every time I launch a game. It is fine with anything else, even 4k video playback or hardware accelaration when used in photo-editing programs, but for some reason whenever I launch a game title even as light as League of Legends the computer WILL crash after only being 3-5 seconds in the game.

I have tried rebooting multiple times, uninstall and reinstall drivers, but nothing has worked so far. I was afraid it might be the PSU, but according to eXtreme PSU calculator the max power consumption of my system is around 490W and my PSU is 800W gold.

Thanks in advance

Try an older driver, drivers can have a tendency to crash. And when it comes to your specific model, it seems to be a common issue.


Perhaps dig around what other's have found out.

Damn I must be blind, thanks a lot for the link