Radeon 7870 connection question

The radeon 7870 plug looks like a dvi i cable is what it needs. I have a dvi d cable (because for my monitor a dvi d fits). Should the gpu work with the dvi d cable though the port is a dvi i slot? The D fits in but I'm not getting display on my monitor. The i wont fit in my monitor. Is there a dvi d to dvi i cable, should i get a vga to dvi cable (mobo has do vga slot and gpu only takes dvi? 

What should I do?

What monitor do you have?

one is the hp 1740 ( i think. thats the number on the screen)

the other one is dell se198wfp

well for dvi cables get dual link dvi cables if the ones you have now will not fit such as this one 


You should try the dvi to vga that came with your video card first and make sure the video card is working and if it is and the dvi does not fit get some new cables.  If your card has 2 DVI ports get 2 dvi cables other wise get a dvi cable and a dvi to hdmi like this so then you have one for each monitor.


I have a dvi dual link cable, but my gfx didnt come with a vga to dvi.

Here is my monitor's slot https://www.dropbox.com/s/lw27uog1wvqftc7/2013-09-05%2018.32.45.jpg

and here is the gpu slot https://www.dropbox.com/s/793osgx3w0audzb/2013-09-05%2018.31.52.jpg

from wikipedia (the best source on the internet). 

DVI-D is digital only

DVI-I is integrated with Digital and Analog (both)

also SXGA (1,280 × 1,024) @ 85 Hz with GTF blanking (159 MHz) is a Single link resolution


my 7870 has a DVI-D Single and a DVI-I Dual. 


from what i understand about the connector; the DVI-D monitor should work on a DVI-I GPU because the GPU's DVI-I connector has a Digital Output for the monitor.



Does the monitor work with other computers, or the DVI-D connector on the GPU?

The monitor, works with other computers when its in vga. My monitor says "analog input" so I'm guessing that I need a dvi I monitor. My question now is will the DVI I cable fit Into the DVI-D Slot? The DVI-I cable has like 4 dots around it (bad description) but the DVI D Doesnt. OR Should I get a DVI-I to vga cable? My computer doesnt have a vga slot but the monitor does so will vga on monitor and dvi I on gpu work?