Radeon 7 should I buy

So I am wondering if I should upgrade from my Sapphire vega 64 nitro + to the upcoming Radeon 7 or should i wait for high end navi later this year?

just bought https://www.amazon.co.uk/Acer-XF240YUbmiidprzx-FreeSync-ZeroFrame-Adjustable/dp/B01K4UKMIU/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8

Are you unhappy with the performance of the card you have?

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As with all GPUs, wait for third party benchmarks.


you should at least wait for reviews before deciding anything and if you have time to wait for navi you probably don’t need an upgrade yet


With the Nitro+ being among the cream of the crop of the Vega’s there’s no guarantee that anything released by AMD this year will be a lot faster in your favorite games at 1440p. Stay cool and hold out for the hard data.

If you are looking for more performance and haven’t already, try lowering the GPU core voltage a bit to extend the power and thermal budget.


Personally I would wait and see, with the launch date soon if there are any bugs to smooth out it will probably still happen before or around the 3rd quarter of this year and you already have great card. Now if I was going to keep the VEGA 64 and get a Radeon7 and money wasn’t a concern I would do it in a minute. Was looking at all the speculation leading up too the launch and decided to go with a RX 580 8GB and wait for the next release. From what I have seen so far it looks like it could be a decent upgrade but as has been stated, got to wait for the 3rd party tests.

This is in conflict with the position you have on AMD stock
How dare you not shill

Honestly wait for benchmarks, but answer will still probably be no

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what are you using the card for? if the answer is gaming i would say no as a overclocked vega 64 can already get very close to the little preformance information we have about the r7. if the answer is more work orriented and the 16gb of ram + 1tb bandwidth (which their is doubt about the card hitting 1tb real world) then maybe. wait for benchmarks.

True we need the independent benchmarks and how well this card overclocks.

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If you’re a linux user i suspect the new Vega might be the ticket.


Because Navi isn’t even out yet, and when it does come out presumably there will be a few months of quirks and fuckery to get it working in an LTS distribution, if that’s how you roll. So you’re looking at almost a year out, by the time all that shit is shaken out.

On the flip-side Vega 20 has had drivers in the mainline kernel for 6+ months at this point already (and being a vega tweak, the vega 10 stuff is pretty solid now which would likely also help), i’d wager it should be a lot better supported on day 1.

If you’re a windows user, the above doesn’t apply obviously.

Im a bit worried its a rushed out the door card and linux will be at the bottom of the list of to do’s.

Happy to be wrong but buying this card for linux may bite you in the ass. If it’s based on the PRO card. You would think it would have all the linux code done. Depends on what is disabled.

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I suspect that there will be enough basically identical to the instinct card(s) that it should just work.

IIRC there were new Vega20 related PCIe identifiers added to the kernel a while back that tipped people off to coming new (non instinct) vega 20 cards? I’d say that the work is already mostly done.

I mean I do enjoy a GPU discussion as much as anyone else but … has anyone seen the OP lately?


Buying a GPU un reviewed is a known stupid move.

Lisa in a leather jacket not talking about navi at all doesn’t bother me a bit :slight_smile:

It just works

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Yes. You know you want it. Just give in.



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Very simple answer here. Buy the R7 if you value OpenCL performance. Do not buy the R7 for gaming.

This isn’t a general Radeon VII topic, guys. And the original poster hasn’t responded to anything.

Maybe anything that came in today could be split into a separate topic?

My perspective: I have a Vega64 in my main rig, a fury in my secondary one. I will not buy this card. And by the way… it is 800,- Euro over here in Germany. That is even 150,- more than Vega64 was on launch for the silver one.