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Radeon 7 discussion


After hearing multiple rumors from multiple sources suggesting Vega with its tainted name is tanking damage by providing gap filler so Navi can mature, I strongly believe AMD learned from all their past mistakes, yes.


I got the same feeling from watching the adoredtv YT videos


Are you talking Navi the chip or Navi the drivers? Two completely different things. R7 might be ok as a chip… the drivers, not so much. When releasing a product it is a package. You have the chip, the card and the drivers. All must be in sync upon release.


I am very much aware how much there is to “a product”, attended several classes at uni regarding the subject.

When I am talking Navi in this context, I mean Navi as a whole (package, branding, marketing, software, shipping, hardware, etc.). Some part(s) of that are definetly beeing worked on or ran out of the previous roadmaps limits requireing a new roadmap. Then the CES keynote definetly was a factor aswell.
Vii turned a few heads and got attention, that is as much as most people will see regarding the product.

In case of Vii, software failed. There is a reason AMD choose Fury, Vega and Vega Vii branding for these cards instead of RX. The reason beeing “potential failure” beeing above a certain threshhold and in order to protect the other brands, they seperated them clearly.


So because of the name you think they will actually get Navi right? it won’t be rushed and drivers will be in decent shape?


I don’t mind either honestly…
Remember 290X launch? Barely beating 780 and when 780Ti came out it killed 290X… 6 months later 290X was equal to 780Ti… Nowadays 290X 8s so much ahead it’s not even funny…


But did the drivers actually work or were they a complete mess like R7’s were?


I don’t know what you mean…
I had 270X since… Well, 2015… It was fine up untill I sold it last year…
I can guarantee you in less than 6 months the Vega 7 drivers will be rock solid… Most likely it will also outperform the FU edition 2080…
That’s what AMD does. They improve drivers constantly…


Have you not seen the videos about the R7 upon release?


By R7 you mean Radeon 7… Not the old R7 graphics cards… I got that wrong…
Radeon 7 is literally here because Navi is delayed. If Navi wasn’t going to be delayed, there wouldn’t even be Radeon 7…
So yeah. It is rushed beyond belief.
The drivers will take some time, yes…


Well this thread is titled Radeon 7 so I didn’t think I would have to type it out.

You should have been able to plug the card in, run through testing, overclock… but you couldn’t. You will have bugs in one game, or another game… or a specific circumstance which is acceptable to a point BUT this apartment fire didn’t work in any circumstance for many people. And if you watch Jayz video AMD KNEW about some of the issues, thats even more appalling. So did anyone in the AMD graphics division raise a hand go… can we have another couple weeks or month to fix these issues only to be over ruled? Or were they told we don’t care… get it out the door. Both scenarios are worrisome as it belies ineptitude in that division, which is an exact 180 from their CPU division.


but Vega is RX Vega…


$900+ CAN plus tax for a card that isn’t even the best for gamers = a no buy for me. People need to send a message to AMD and Nvidia and buy used for awhile.


Correct me if I am wrong but this looks to be a missing “flag” inside a BIOS indicating UEFI support, hence they can just flash another BIOS with this flag and call it “fixed”.
But it doesn’t have anything to do with the cards capability to boot in UEFI systems.
CSM is disabled by default on modern motherboards and just doesn’t enable automatically without user interaction in UEFIBIOS menu.

I am sure a Radeon 7 owner can confirm that his card boots and works with UEFI on and CSM off. Anyone?


@joe2gaan has one and should be able to confirm hopefully.


Yes It will boot just fine with CSM disabled in UEFI on my x399 MEG.


I can´t really being blown away by this card unfortunately.
I personally expected a bit more given it being the first 7nm card.
Slightlly dissapointing i guess,
but thats traditional for AMD highend gaming cards for like the last couple of years.

Its nice to see that it kinda can compete with a RTX2080 in terms of gaming.
But yeah at that msrp, which wont actually be the selling price.
It’s still not the big card we all have had hoped for.
It should have been a $550,- maybe $600,- msrp card to really give Nvidia a run for their money.
But given that this card is $700,- msrp, i dont think that this card,
is really going to be a big game changer for Radeon´s market share in the higher end segment.



this card is just something to kill time until navi is ready
and I think the jump in performance from the die shrunk vega is quite good.


Yeah well i´m not saying that it is a bad card.
But given its msrp of $700,- which probablly will be closer to $800,- retail,
that is still going to be a hard for AMD i guess.

But yeah i do have to say that its no a cheap card to manufacture in the first place.
I mean the pcb contains allot of expensive components on them.


Bad in its own right… no. Bad in its marketplace, cost and utterly botching of everything to do with this card by AMD is making it a bad card. They told Der8aeur the card couldn’t overclock… they told Jay oh yeah, we know about black screens with 2 popular motherboard makers. It’s mind boggling no one at AMD put the brakes on this to give the dev team a few weeks to make the launch smooth.

This is why I’m worried about Navi… not because the design and PCB will be a problem, but given the utter fail of execution with the R7 at every level (other than design) and the brain drain that has taken place they seem to not be communicating internally, at all.