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Radeon 7 discussion


Vega 64 isn’t exactly Vega Frontier Edition, Vega FE has 16GB of HBM2 compared to Vega 64’s 8GB.


Now, granted, it only has half the bandwidth as the 7. But the single precision FP calculations are listed as roughly the same on AMDs site.
FP32 is 13.1 TFLOPS on the 64FE, and 13.4 on the 7.

Double precision is <900GFLOPS on the 64FE, but it’s 3+TFLOPS on the 7.
+200MHZ doesn’t account for that. I assume it has something to do with the Memory.

I don’t expect it to be neck and neck. But it would be interesting to see how the added memory compares.

I would find it to be an interesting side by side.

It would also be interesting to see how the current PRO drivers differ from the Gaming drivers in the comparison to the 7.


its more to do with the chip not being crippled on FP64 as much. Not memory related.


@joe2gaan Has one! and has installed it on arch, I’m hoping he can help us with the sr-iov discussion :grin:


Ray tracing has been around for twice as long as NVidia has been…


Anyone here that could help me and @joe2gaan finding out if his Radeon VII is sr-iov capable?

Since i have never had access to a sr-iov capable gpu before. i suggested using lspic with grep:
lspci | grep AMD
lsppci | grep Radeon

Any advice would be great, the link is here: Installing Radeon 7nm on Arch Linux... Update -- 2000 on the core and 1150 on the HBM2 so far


Really hoping we can confirm is the Vega reset bug is still at issue with the Radeon 7. Anyone with one willing to try passthrough out?


If I could get my hands on a bloody card this would be the first thing I would test. Sold out literally everywhere. I’m also interested to know if SR-IOV was left enabled



If that came from WCCF, I would laugh it off. But TechPowerup… hmm.


This made me pull the trigger. These cards will be impossible to get at $700 if all these features are added.


If you need them features and you have the money - go for it…


AMD has them in stock. I got an email last night and it’s still going into cart for me. I can PM you a link.


This is so tempting…


Adding the professional features back in will make this a good multi-use card. I don’t really want to spend $700 on a GPU, but if I can sell my 980 Tis I could lessen the blow…


Just an FYI… it seems the cards purchased direct from AMD only have a 1 year warranty.



I’m not sure this release qualifies as a dumpster fire… I’m thinking more of a apartment building fire.


Could be as simple as a missing flag in release candidate BIOS.

It is a rushed launch, and that was clear from the beginning. Better VegaVii dies in a fire than Navi.


You are assuming Navi won’t be a rushed launch. I really wish they would wait a month and make sure shit actually works before burning their own buildings down with incompetence.