Racism in Online Gaming

Anyone else experience racist remarks and insults almost every time they play online games w/ voice. Its gotten to the point where I just do not like playing online anymore. What are your thought on this? What is wrong with people these days?

This kind of stuff is why I don't use in game VoIP. And opt to use team speak with people I know.

Go play league of legends, they will write you the remarks. It just kids that can appear tough over the internet. When you get older, you realise there's almost always a civil way to go by.

Racism, sexism, hate hate hate. It all sounds like the frustrated antics of people who are looking for some kind of aggressive outlet. If only they let up fight in schools....


They're not so much racists as they are trolls. There MIGHT be one in a million who would actually say those things to someones face. Cowards hiding behind anonymity.

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Society as a whole is degrading with each generation. I man shit you have 8YO playing GTA. That is one thing I do like about dota 2, you can report those people and they do take action against them. You can also mute them.

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+1. The worst is the schools nowadays. I mean, when i was in primary and secondary school, we joked around, who didn't, but you still had respect for the teachers. Kids now think they have the world by the balls and think nobody can touch them.

Because they do. Helicopter parents and Humanism have convince kids they are invincible. Just wait until they get into the real world and realize not everyone can be a rockstar astronaut.

I'm just not bothered. Mute them in game if it gets repetitive. Hear it enough and hopefully you'll become immune.

This has been said by people of every generation throughout the history, but apocalypse hasn't happened yet.

I played GTA since I was 12 and nothing bad happened.

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I also think that if someone shoves another kid and that kid then knocks that guy out that the police don't freakn need to be involved and issue battery and assault charges i mean really the issue has already been resolved.

I truly hate what is happening to society. everyone was not created equal that is why some people are doctors and others are welders. You can not hold the hands of people that just do not care. I mean they are building separate schools just for kids that don't want to be in the normal classroom.

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So because nothing bad happened to you you automatically dismiss the fact that an increasing amount of kids then think that it is okay to act as they do when they are in the game? Did you ever tell your parents that you weren't going to do something and be completely unfearful like shit bag kids do today?

Kids that young should not be mixed with older kids especially online where the older kids don't care what they say. I especially hate all the facebook videos with very young kids swearing and acting like "gansters" and the "adults" think just think it is funny, that is the vary reason so many kids act like they do.

I don't get where you get your "increasing amounts" and "like shit bag kids do today". I absolutely don't in any way see how current kids are worse than kids before. Kids are the same, the environment is a bit different. 20 years ago there weren't online games to throw insults at each other in, they did it IRL instead, and there weren't facebook and youtube to post embarrassing stuff on.

I turn voice off in most games, although it is fun to hear some people talk in GTA.

It's normally the squeaky voiced 12 year olds, who, in my opinion, shouldn't be playing it online in the first place who are the ones generally shouting abuse at others. They're at an age when they don't realise that what they say can have larger implications.

Like @HarbingerOne said, "cowards hiding behind anonymity".

I got San Andreas when I was 9, and it hasn't had an affect on me, apart from my music taste, lol. A lot of people I know got the game at nearly the same age, and they're also fine.

I'm not happy saying it, but I think it's just current gamer culture. When I got a 360 in 2009, people were still shouting abuse at each other, to a lesser extent. The shouting has evolved into racist slurs and random bullshit, not helped by the immaturity of the general player base.

The problem isn't that it is worse in the fact that it's more. It's in the fact that younger and younger kids are now doing it. With no repercussions so when they get out into the real world they continue to act this way and thus get fired from there jobs for acting like they used to and have no idea why they can't hold a job. Not everyone is like this but it seams to be increasing. Before it used to be just in the game but now for some reason kids are taking the "acting" they do in game and it is altering their personality probably without them realizing it.

The cowards behind anonymity is not staying just online it is transitioning into real life too. Take the stupid ass riots for example. you disagree with something so you burn the city down.. come on that is not civil and all of those people should be in jail.

With the online portion there is no one to police the kids that are truly doing it not to troll or be silly but to essentially start a digital fist fight. Yes you can just ignore that person or mute them or w/e but a lot of people for whatever reason take it personally and can't just ignore them. I am not one of them as I don't care what others say, I just mute them and move on.

Take a look at twitch chat of streamers it is insane to read what they are saying it is so bad that I am glade they have the option to hid the chat as a viewer.

I also played gta before i was 18 but i think i was 16 not 8. I just see a lot of kids who are controlling the parents who then turn out to be adults that can't function in the normal society. It seams that the parents are not able to say no and stick with it, the kid freaks out and then the parent does what the kid wants which then later transitions into bigger and bigger things.

Again not everyone that does play the games acts like that or turns out bad But it does seam to be an increasing amount. I saw a lot of it when I was a cable guy and was in about 4 different houses a day 4 days a week for 3 years.

I am also not saying that playing games like gta makes you a bad person later. I just think that it is the parents who do not correct the bad behavior is where the problems start to move into the kids real life and it's not just an online joke.

I'm not saying all peruvians are bad at dota, I'm just saying all the peruvians I've been matched with are bad at dota.

Anyways, mostly those people do it online just because they can, and they're probably kids. It's rarely a problem for me anyways.

Agreed. Now they send kids to doctors and anger managment and what not. I remember when I was 8-10 years old and did something wrong, I got a smack on the mouth. And i'm happy I did, if you can't listen you have to be told otherwise. And you remember it.
Kids will get into fights no matter what, luckily nobody is stupid enough to sue because of a fight where I live.
Though I will disagree on the game front. If your normal and know that games are just a way to pass time and have fun, then you can play any game you want. I played all the GTAs, starting when I was 6 or so, played quite a bit of Mortal Kombat, yet still knew you can't do that to people. When I started playing RTCW: ET, that was the first time where I could interact with people from around the world. Sure swear words were thrown around, but you knew that you mostly likely couldn't say them to just anybody and expect them to stay calm. I'm a bit worried that kids are forgetting that now and when the real world hits, they might get hurt.

The problem here though is that parents are preoccupied with work and everything that they don't spend any time with their kids, teaching them what's right and what's wrong.
We also rely on schools to teach kids the same thing, how to act in society, but we're going backwards here by giving teacher less and less control over the kids.

Funny you should mention that. I am not that good at dota, I'm okay/average. I just for the lols i went to a Peru server and it was bad i played a whole day there so it wasn't just one match it was all of them. The other day I played with a guy/gal from Peru and they were actually good, and they wrote in English on the us server unlike the guy on the other team who was also from Peru who insisted on yelling at our team when we were beating him in Spanish? It was funny to see our peru guy complain about the other one.

I wish the kids I went to high school with realized this.


If anything technolagy has given better tools to mute them.