Racing Sims

Would like to start a thread for discussing racing sims, specifically.

What do you play/recommend? 

What do you use for driving? 

I use a logitech GT force feedback wheel and pedals. Not the latest tech or top of the line, but it's decent quality, has good feedback force and works well. Only thing I wish it had is a proper gate shifter and clutch. The paddle shifters are ok for now. Added extra springs to the brake pedal for more realistic pressure feedback. Seriously looking into getting a setup from Fanatec though. They make some pretty serious equipment. 

I have several years of real racing experience so I can honestly tell you that while Forza is fun and has improved over the years, it is still no hard-core sim. It's as close as you can get on the console, but PC sims are much more "real" in terms of physics. 

Played iRacing at a friends house. It was very good, but it's pricey and the graphics leave a lot to be desired. Recently been playing a lot of Race Room Racing Experience on steam. It's free to play and try out and doesn't cost too much to grab extra tracks and cars. The game looks very nice, the cars look real and are well-seated in the environments. Physics are excellent, not necessarily the best, but I would say among the best I've sampled. 

I heard about a new game that has recently showed up on steam called Assetto Corsa. Supposedly it boasts life-like graphics with life-like physics. It's $35 for early access but I'm not sure I want to drop that kind of coin only to find out it's not all it claims to be. There aren't too many cars or tracks available just yet either. Has anyone here tried Assetto Corsa yet? If so, how is it? 


GTR 2 is a pretty good game if you don't mind the slightly dated graphics.  Fairly realistic with under-over steer characteristics.  It is meant to be a true racing simulator.  I used a ch flight sim yoke and its alright.  Nothing compared to your setup.  I was always more into The Combat Flight Sims.

I personally LOVE Live for Speed. All because of the physics. The graphics are pretty dated but having REAL tyre dinamics is really nice. I am using Logi G27 and it works really well. Has clutch and everything :) It's not too expensive of a sim (you only pay once), but they release updates so rarely. I'm not sure if a new update will ever come out... It is worth checking out though ;)

Oh yeah! I forgot all about Love for Speed. I used to mess around with that game quite a bit a few years back. My racing friends and I would all take turns trying different setups to see who could come up with the fastest lap times. Yeah, the game looks terrible but it was a lot of fun. 

I caved and bought the early access to Assetto Corsa on steam. Right away you can tell it's an early version and needs more tweaking. That being said, the car models look very good and the physics are very realistic. The only issue is with the force feedback. I don't necessarily blame the game devs because I think it's a matter of me getting all the parameters set up correctly. Overall it needs refinement, but that's understandable. Aside from that, it looks and sounds good and will keep me busy and looking forward to the next updates. :)


Actually, Formula Truck Simulator 2013 would be gud.