Racer/eurobeat lover audio upgrade

I watched both videos about the audio

correct me if i am wrong here but you mentioned that onboard audio from realtek are good enough although you can invest on a DAC

but in the latest video you mentioned that you don't really need a powerful or expensive DAC in order to get good audio. Roughly what is the best price point for a DAC and which brand you will recommend.

and are these DAC or external soundcard useless or overkill?



as of currently I am using the old Creative X-Fi 5.1 USB external soundcard which have served me for my Pentium 4 and also for my notebook which have really poor audio output. The current headphones i am using are Philips SHP2000 and using a Fiio E06 amp to boost the volume.

My music genre as mentioned in my title is more towards eurobeats and towards racing games titles


so if i were to improve my audio experience without spending a bomb, what things i need to upgrade and what can still be kept.


Thanks in advance