Rabble Rabble (or The PS4 is better than PC!?)

I just read this Article:


 and I just.. I just don't know what to say, except.. no.

Edit: fixed link.

The link takes me to a 404 page...

Link is broken. But i have read it and it is a bunch of BS and false info to make the console look good.

why would forbes have an article about a video game console?


Technically, it's an article about an article, for what reason I have no idea of.

Should be fixed, thanks for the heads up.

I personally think that the PS4 does look good but only in a central comparison, however the point the article(s) made seems, of course to be BS.

Thanks, but I fixed the link.

dumbest thing I read, I honestly only got about half way through.

That is more that I can say. I didn't even get pasted where he was talking about how great the APU is.

It should also be noted that the article you link to is OVER 8 MONTHS OLD.

The article is techinically correct I can't build an integrated system that works like a PS4, I can however( and indeed did) build a PC that trumps the PS4, and I did it two years ago for roughly 700 dollars.

So what if i can't get my hands on fancy exclusive hardware, My PC can do things the PS4 can only dream about.


I had to say, the advent of constructing your own PC could be less productive later on when SoC becomes more advanced.


Yeah that technicality was in the back of my mind, but with all you  have stated and everything it doesn't really matter. 

That's what you get for going to Forbes for tech news! 

Of all the business and finance angles they could have covered on the PS4, they went for tech!?!?!!

Update: I’ve written a new post on the subject, clarifying my intent and admitting where I’ve gone wrong. Check it out here.

Now quit bitching.

*Pokes at the bear in the room.* Isn't this just foresight? Wait and see what the PS4 benchmarks are and first tare down. Then when PS4 releases a slim model in 2 years we will all realize the hardware will fit in a Ipad case and anyone can build build (and have built),