r9290x poor fps bottleneck

getting only 50 fps on bf4 on 1080p monitor on ultra with sapphire r9290x gpu so my question is is it bad fps and if so is my cpu bottlenecking my gpu cpu is amd phenom 11x6 1100t  and if so what cpu should i go with intel or amd willing to spent 400 euro on cpu 518.38 US Dollar any help would be appreciated cpu os oc to 3.9   at the moment water cooled

Yes your CPU is your bottleneck there most likely. 

AMD will be cheaper of course so an AMD FX-8350 and an Asus M5A99FX Pro/Evo would be a good option. 

Intel will be more expensive. The 4690k will be a good choice especially if paired with a nice motherboard ike an Asus Z97-A. That shouldn't be too expensive and will give you a nice CPU and feature set. 

Both platforms, especially with your watercooling, will overclock well although the AMD will probably overclock better. 

The AMD will be better in multithreaded applications and video editing as well as rendering and running VMs. The Intel is good all around but excels in single threaded applications. 


also- download msi afterburner and run it in the background during a game. then go back to it after a while- what was your gpu uasge looking like? If it's not pinned at 98%+ then it is 100% a bottleneck, which we think it is.

if he needs to upgrade his cpu + mobo, then i would say grab the i5-4690K if its purely for gaming realy.

the unlocked haswell i5 cpu is just better in a wider spectrum of games. because it has better single threaded performance, on which some games still relay on.

The 1100T is still a decent chip, can you overclock it? If so that may be the cheapest way to solve the problem. If not get an i5 4690k and new mobo.