R9 fury for about 250-300 on ebay or a gtx 1070 for about 370?

I know that with the updates made to r9 fury that it's much faster than it was at launch, and now easily beats the gtx 980. But I wanted to know how much faster and if it would be worth it just to get a 1070.
Here are some example ebay listings.


1070 It is quite a bit faster and the Fury you are limited by VRAM. Also I have seen Fury's new for that price recently so I wouldn't bother used.

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I was just putting up example prices. I saw one recently go for 250 on ebay brand new.

I'd still say the 1070 is the better bet.

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uh... 250 for fury... It's faster than 480 for the same price... It's really tempting...
If you can afford the 1070 - it is the faster and overall better card... But then again, the Fury for 250 is probably better performance per dollar...



Higher performance, lower thermals and power consumption... That basically defines better card...
Now for the price - it's completely different question...

@The_Green_Team The question is, are you gaming at 1080p... If you are, Get the Fury. 4GB and that insane bandwidth will be just fine for a couple years

Well the fury is some 10-15% behind 1070 overall performance stock for stock... It's also some 15-20% ahead of 1060 for the same price....


OK, I just don't like the "overall better" term.
By the way: does the MSI have two performance modes? Because that changes power consumption, thermals and noise a lot on the Fury.


Debatable. The increased bandwidth doesn't increase the capacity. It doesn't magically turn 4GB into 8GB and some titles will use more. On Nightmare in Doom for example a Fury will perform worse than a 390 because it is VRAM limited. Other titles too.


I see your point, but now days, every game is different and requires different things from the GPU...
Notice, however, that the 4K performance difference is actually smaller than the 1080p...

I don't believe I mentioned bandwidth = capacity...

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Those statistics tell nothing. What game? Settings? Rest of the system? What is that?

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Sorry got a little of that from that phrase and a lot of people on here seem to think that.

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It's this review... Overall performance between all the benchmarks they have made...

Mainly DX11, because they are too lazy to benchmark DX12 properly...

And also because most DX12 games (the few that exist) run like shit with little to no benefit on higher end hardware.

Actually, The Fury is a bit ahead of it's time, it was the test dummy for HBM2 but it showed that bandwidth is what is needed to push the 4k requirements. It's a shame that it could not be made in the 8GB variety, if it could have been, it would have won out the last gen GPU wars. I will say that with DX12 / Vulcan support getting better and Dev's learning to code for a more asynchronous architecture things will move towards AMD's way as they have been preparing for this for years. We are already starting to see it now.

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