R9 Fury fanless mode on Linux?

I noticed in a video by JayzTwoCents that the Fury keeps the fans off during low use scenarios. Is this handled by the card's UEFI or by the system drivers? I'm on Linux and while sitting on my desktop the card will run at 0% use but the fans will bottom out at 19%. Is this just due to the Linux drivers?

I have GTX 960 and the fans doesn't spin before I hit 60 Celsius and drivers makes no difference, on Linux. Don't know how useful this was but at-least I tried.

I appreciate the effort. You're the only response I've got. That's good to know then again it is an nVidia card so I'm sure it's set up differently.

Is there some way to make custom fan profiles on Linux? Because you could do that.

It's not so much the drivers as the settings you can put in on CCC.

You can also get a fan manager fo your system and run it all to your standards.

CCC doesn't have fan settings on Linux from the GUI. There's a way to do it from the command line but I don't think there's a way to do profiling like that. I know I can directly set my fan percentage using the CLI. I guess I could write a bash script to poll the core temp every so often and set my fans accordingly which would allow 0% fans but there's got to be a better way than that.

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I meant thant the drivers and CCC keer a fan running.

You can get a separate app completely from CCC for fan modulation.

Before buying a R9 Fury, please keep in mind that it performs poorly under Linux and in OpenGL games plus the open source driver is still very early.

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This thread has nothing to do with card performance although I not only already own the card but am also aware of the performance issues regarding it.

Alright then I guess I'll look around. I thought it might have been a driver thing.

I was fully aware of that, but I felt it was worth mentioning mainly because I did not know you already purchased it and you did not mentioned it :)

Well I do indeed own the card. The performance issues are disappointing although I can't say I wasn't expecting them. I'm hoping with Vulkan performance will get quite noticeably better and if nothing else. The performance isn't god awful. It's just substantially worse than it would be on Windows. And the drivers will eventually improve. I've heard that the 390x on Linux isn't too bad and I attribute that to the drivers being mature since it's basically a 290x.

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Hopefully with new drivers and with kernel 4.2/4.3 you will get better performance.

I'm thinking Vulkan will deliver since it is based on AMD's own Mantle. I know a good majority of the games I own will never be ported if any but that's fine. OpenGL performance will only get better with newer drivers and games will start using Vulkan.

Fingers crossed. I'm really sick of nvidia with their shady behavior and closed source technology. But as it stands right now and without considering DX12 AMD lags behind.

Well I personally don't care much about DX12 given that I don't run or care to run Windows but I know what you mean about nVidia. I'm not too fond of them either. I'm really hoping Vulkan is a win or if nothing else a tie for AMD.

I'm personally interested in seeing what AMD (and Nv) will do with the next few interations. It seems that they're both pushing for hbm. But in the end everything comes down to API implementation and drivers.

Yea. I think AMD will get priority with HBM because they already have it implemented and have been working on it for quite some time. As Logan stated in an episode of the Tek. But honestly I think AMD's biggest downfall is their drivers. I mean they're complete garbage.

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