R9 390 shutting off (gpu fans off) case and cpu fans are still spinning

Pretty much what happens is, when i play games and the frames get really high. The gpu fans just stop spinning, the monitor loses connection and so does the sound from my headset. The rest of the pc still looks like its on, the case fans are spinning.

I notice this happened a lot on CSGO, when the frames go to around 500. I found a way to fix this, which was to cap my frames to 60 on Catalyst control centre and turn v-sync on. It happened again on Star Wars Battlefront, but that time, i OCed my monitor to 75hz and put the cap up to 75 frames on AMD CCC.

When this happens, i just hold the power button and restart my pc.

I think my problem is my PSU. What do you guys think?

My Build
I5 4570
Sapphire R9 390 Nitro
8gb HyperX Blu
Corsair VS650 650watt psu

(i am aware that the recommended psu is 750watt for the r9 390)

You only need like a 550W for the 390

I'd maybe check the fan profile of your card, look at afterburner

You can cap your frame rate in any source game with fps_max XXX in the console

or use a program like bandicam to limit your frame rates in anything, it's easy to get a hold over on the normal p2p sites to demo it without the demo limitations

Or use the option in Catalyst to limit max FPS.

Ive already capped the frame rate, i just wanna know what you guys think the problem is.

Is it the psu or is the problem with the gpu itself?

If it isnt a driver issue, I have no idea. Watch GPU-temps with Afterburner just to make sure.

How old is the graphics card?
I know that high power graphics card can get -really- noisy on the 12+ rail when they are let to go into really high framerates in menus and old games.
The sheer amount of ripple on the 12+ rail might throw off the PWM on either your motherboard or your GPU, causing a hard bsod.

Your PSU probably isn't bad, its just not playing all that well with your R9 380, try it on another pc and or PSU and see if it does it again.

my graphics card is new, the first time it happened was on the day i installed it on my system. And its an r9 390, not a 380

ive seen it go into the 70s degrees, but thats normal.

Everything below 80C is okay.

I'm calling power supply on this one. It sounds like your combined system is drawing more amps then your power supply can supply. The 390 can use 31 amps of so, and that old corsair unit only can supply 50, so when the rest of the system is factored in, your probably using more then 50 amps. Watts are not the only factor that matters when looking at a power supply.

I am not an electrician, but this is a known forumla:
V = W / A
therefor: A = W / V
A = 650W / 12V = 54 ampere
at 80% efficency, you are looking at something at 43 amps from the PSU.

If the 390 would pull 31 A that would mean
W = V * A = 12V * 31A = 372W
That are 100 watts more than the numbers I found online.
For the whole system you are looking at something arround 440W power draw. I do not see any problems there.

I'm not worried about watts, I'm talking about the amps. The corsair unit reads 50 amps on 12v rail, not 54 to start. What I'm saying is that the graphics card + the processor + the ram + the motherboard is breaching the 50 amps that corsair unit can supply.

first, check the spec opf the psu.The one HoundZ is using has 50A on 12v rail. The total power output adveritsed on the box is often misleading, there are some cheap psu with high total power but with only 60% of it being on 12v rail/rails.Thats the most common mistake when buing a psu , reading the big number on the box. http://www.corsair.com/en/vs-seriestm-vs650-650-watt-power-supply
+12v rail max load 50 amps= 600 watt, second running at near max or going above causes a lot of issues, ripple , instability etc that get worse with the age of psu.

I just took the number I found in this thread. Watts are directly linked to amps and volts.
After your reply I tooka nose dive into several PSU-calcs. The average is even lower then the 440W. For 440 total power draw, the amperage at 12V is 36.6. As 36.6 < 50 (from Corsair website), you are in the limits. The only potential problem might be the 5V and 3.3V rail being overloaded.

Edit: Is there a chance of a faulty mobo?

didnt even know about that. how do you tell the amps for the psu, and is there anything else i have to know?

Black screen hard crash? (it was a regular occurrence with the 290)

Would you guys recommend any good power supplies?
I was thinking of getting this one:


I doubt my motherboard is faulty, this only started happening after i installed the gpu. I used to have a HD 7750 and it never did anything like that.

Efficiency doesn't matter when compared to PSU power rating.
A 650w PSU outputs that amount across its rails regardless of how efficient it is, efficiency only affects the input power vs output power relationship.

The PSU rating is totally fine, but it might still be that that graphics card doesn't play nice with that psu.

Its bronze efficiency, I'd stay away from it since that is pretty bad compared to today's standards.
Try testing your system with another PSU and see if it still does the same thing first.