R9 390 OC 550w PSU

PSU: XFX XTR 550w 80+G

Other specs:
i5 4690k @Stock Gigabyte G1 R9 390 (Stock) Corsair H80i Samsung 850EVO 250gb BOOT Seagate 500gb SSHD GAMES Kingston Hyperx Beast 2133mhz 8gb

I used an kill a watt to see my systems power draw when gaming and benchmarking and the highest reading was around 370w. Average power draw was around 330w in games and applications.

Is there any headroom for overclocking my gpu? Im not planning too increase voltage or powerlimit to keep the power draw as small as possible.

Yeah, you should be fine. The main problem with something like the 390 is not the average useage. It is that it sometimes spikes pretty high. If your psu can't handle that, it could damage something (or at the very least throttle/cause the psu to pull power). Go check out the link below to see what I mean. Either way though, the 390 should be safe to overclock a little on a good 550W psu.


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About the subject, 550W is thight but it should be okay, if its a decent one.

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The link you gave is about the X model. It has higher clock speeds, more streamprocessors thus it uses a bit more power. Also I think that MSI versions of 390x and 390 tend to use more power due to their board design. Also I think that those spikes are probably non existent when playing games and loading card with normal applications.