R9 290X watercooled benchmarks?

I have been searching for water cooled R9 290X benchmarks out of curiosity. As I understand it, a few water blocks have come out for it and I figured someone or some website would want to get benchmarks of that up fast. I have yet to see any of these benchmarks, if anyone finds some we should post them on here for all to see, I know I will check every day or say and post them. I know I'm not the only one interested in seeing these benchmarks.


Ive been searching high and low as well. Very curious indeed of what can be unleashed under water.

I know some people on OCN who have watercooled their 290Xs. Let me see if I can get some benchmarks from them.

That would be fantastic! I'm also interested in temps if it isn't too much trouble.

Alright, after a few PMs, turns out that MSI AfterBurner doesn't support voltage manipulation on the 290X yet, but most people were hitting 1125 to 1150mHz GPU core and 1400mHz memory on stock voltages. Let me fins out about temps - I would guess 100% load would cap at 50 to 55 C, though.

You my friend are awesome! Thanks for gathering this data! Kudos, upvotes, and general internet points to you!

With stock voltages? That seems pretty damn good to me.

Agreed, very good clocks. Will be interesting to see the power consumption with high volts once its unlocked as well.

I would also be interested in seeing if it is possible to undervolt it without affecting the stock clocks so as to help with the insane temperatures. We will have to wait and see, I guess.

Watercooling in itself wont improve the overclock much, you need to push more voltage through the GPU before it will overclock higher. So the overclocks you have seen the review sites getting with air and stupidly high fan speeds will give you an idea of what watercooling can achieve in clock speed.

Typically a GPU under a full cover block will max out temperature wise in the 50's at most, sometimes in the high 40's so long as the loop has sufficient cooling.

The other figure I heard was someone with voltage modded bios who was pushing about 1250Mhz on water, but I don't know the details or have a link.

Cool stuff, brennan.

But an in-depth review would be nice. Been looking around aswell :/


About a 23% increase in performance under water in 3d mark (around 15k in uber on air and 18 on water)...not really a benchmark/review but gives an idea.


For more info.


Below the BIOS(es) post of Jared Pace, he gave a very nice breakdown of the 290x card aswell. Good read imho.

Thanks for this.