R9 290x vs Dual GTX 480 SC eVGA

do u think i should trade out for the new r9 290x or stay with my dual 480s

In my opinion, one really good card is better than 2 medium cards. If you do get the 290x, be sure to get one with a non reference cooler with 2 or 3 fans. The reference design can be very loud and from what I have seen there are temperature issues that cause the card to throttle down.

you could also pickup a R9-290 non reference, the performance diffrence is realy small between the 290 and 290X. not worth the price diffrence for gaming.

The difference between the 290 and 290x is only noticeable at more than 1080p resolution. The 290 has been proven to be slightly less reliable at 1440p than the 290x was.