R9-290x question!

Hay whats up!

I am looking at getting rid of a old GPU and I want to know what you guys think the value of it is.

Its a XFX-R9-290x with a EK-FC-r9-290x water block and a EK-FC-r9-290x Black backplate.

It sadly also has some coil-wine, not too loud and only happens during Civilization V game play. But on the bright side i have never overclocked it, I have used it for a little under 8 months and I also have the original stock cooler with it and replacement thermal pads for the Vram. The only original box i think i have is for the water block but i may have it for the card as well.



sell it now on ebay for 290 and the water block sell it for 80 and then wait for the R9 3xx's and buy one then

Do you think they will be worth more as a combo?